Ailsa V6.3.4 MOD APK (Unlocked All Outfits)

Name Ailsa
Publisher Hiluluke
Genre Simulation
Size 135M
Version V6.3.4
MOD Info Unlocked All Outfits
Updated January 08, 2024
Download (135M)

APP screenshot

Application introduction

Ailsa is a simulation game published by Hiluluke. Ailsa, a wholly original virtual character that you will encounter in the game, can converse with you and accompany you on a variety of adventures, providing you with a sense of security. You can even dress her up in many impressive outfits or set her up as a live wallpaper.

Introduction about Ailsa

One product that is both an app and a game is called Ailsa. It’s not as bizarre as it sounds because this is a wallpaper app that has never been seen before. We can get free 24-hour support from the virtual assistant. Everything current and essential is in this virtual assistant. Compared to the tedious previous system, it can provide you with more surprises. You can communicate with her directly through the device. It is possible to record and cleverly improvise what we say, hear, and do. The virtual assistant is always available to assist you as soon as you require new knowledge. Therefore, you don’t need to spend too much effort on tasks that are too simple.


Outstanding Features

Multiple Settings

Ailsa can function similarly to our Google or Apple assistant. When you need it, you can ask to have the alarm set. Play your preferred tunes during any idle moment. Use a notebook to write down the tasks you need to complete in case you forget them. You will also be given a daily weather forecast and are advised to dress appropriately according to the forecast. If you come across some information you don’t understand you can also search through the assistant. Several great features may be used to improve comfort levels. Your assistant is there for you at all times and never criticizes your character or demeanor.

Customized assistant appearance

Do you want to change your assistant’s appearance? You can customize your assistant’s appearance to make it look fresh every time you see her. There will be a wide range of themes, including beach, Christmas, charm, and even anime characters. It is also feasible to modify the body shape, hairstyle, and face to better resemble the ideal model. We will be adding a lot of new themes regularly in a contemporary manner. Make stylish and original clothes for your amiable helper to wear.


Beautiful picture

Users can alter the assistant’s background image to make it more colorful. The game can be either a 3D space full of interactive objects or a 2D scene, like your favorite anime. To add to the memory-enhancing experience, other environmental effects can be included. After downloading the Ailsa mod, you will fall in love with this assistant.


Numerous alternatives akin to fashion games are available to assist you in crafting a stunning persona of your own. You can see the elements you can add to your waifu on the left side of the screen. The background is the first thing in particular, and you can see it alter when you touch your favorite element. You can keep learning elements like costume, dance, and more in addition to background elements.

You’ll realize that you can use everything Elsa has to offer, regardless of your financial situation. As a result, you’ll have to invest a lot of time in crafting a look that you believe best fits your persona, which you may then refine with the gold you earn throughout the game. There are other methods to earn coins, including daily incentives and mini-games. The mini-games entry will appear, and you can begin earning as many points as you can. For instance, to maintain the game’s level, you must aim to position bricks that arrive from both sides of the screen and precisely regulate the character’s jumps.


Download Ailsa Right Now!

Download Ailsa now to experience the fun features, it’s definitely a character that anyone will love!

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