Agent of Adventure

Agent of Adventure V3.0.7 MOD APK (Unlimited Gold, Prayer)

Name Agent of Adventure
Publisher TownSoftJP
Genre Role-playing
Size 130M
Version V3.0.7
MOD Info Unlimited Gold, Prayer
Updated January 08, 2024
Download (130M)

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Application introduction

Agent of Adventure is a fun exploration role-playing game published by TownSoftJP. Do you recall any journeys or adventures you’ve taken part in? Which travel experience do you think you will remember the most? You won’t forget the game’s journey when you explore Agent of Adventure. You’ll establish your monarchy, grow your country, and venture into undiscovered, secretive terrain.

Introduction about Agent of Adventure

As modern society has evolved, explorers have become much less common. Agent of Adventure will be a great option if you wish to feel what it’s like to be a true nomad without having a significant impact on your present life. Players will embark on adventures throughout a wide variety of locations in the game. Every time you go to a new place, you will be impressed and even make good friends. No one knows what the fate of the explorers is, you just have to go into the game and explore.

Agent of Adventure

Outstanding Features

Hire adventurers

Players employ adventurers to explore dungeons rather than engaging in solo combat. At the bar, you can gather four brave explorers and dispatch them to neighboring caves and regions to claim adventure rewards. Of course, you have to make careful decisions, because, for explorers, there is the possibility of death at any time in the dungeon. Try to assist them in honing their fighting techniques and make sure these brave pals survive.

Guidance on Maps

Since they are a must for every journey, maps are an essential part of equipment in Agent of Adventure. Check the map carefully and make note of the main areas of interest before you go off on your excursion. You will want to explore towns, villages, and new areas as the game progresses. As you go off on your adventure, you have to pay attention and keep in mind the basic instructions.

Agent of Adventure

Construction of new urban facilities

Adventure Agents gives players the chance to become successful businesspeople in addition to the exploring component. You will get a lot of treasure specifically from an expedition. With the money you get from selling your loot, you’ll construct a contemporary, affluent metropolis for yourself. Players can construct new amenities as the city advances in level. You can raise the warrior level of adventurers and learn about class levels at the Knight Training School. Additionally, you can build a variety of establishments that can provide goods and abilities beneficial for adventure, like a map factory, knowledge institute, and nature school.

Explore the area

In Agent of Adventure, players investigate uncharted territory and unravel perplexing secrets. You will embark on a number of goal quests during the game. Your ability will be demonstrated if you perform well on the adventure. It is inevitable that there may be hazards on the adventure. However, it is not easy to overcome these obstacles. If you have confidence in your abilities and perseverance, you can overcome obstacles. A well-versed adventurer will own a wide range of uncommon things.


You’ll play a true nomadic adventurer in Agent of Adventure. Let’s begin by giving the character a distinctive name and appearance based on your preferences. You’re presented with a large map and given the option to select the regions you wish to explore once you’ve finished the appearance-choosing step. As you pass through increasingly difficult stages, you will be able to improve your skills. Though it could feel impossible at times, you will eventually overcome these difficulties, so don’t give up. I assure you that if you conquer every obstacle, you will be the first to discover priceless relics or magical riches buried beneath the earth’s surface.

Agent of Adventure

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