Age of Z Origins

Age of Z Origins V1.3.690 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Name Age of Z Origins
Publisher Camel Games Limited
Genre Strategy
Size 975M
Version V1.3.690
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Updated January 08, 2024
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Application introduction

Age of Z Origins is a strategy game published by Camel Games Limited. Zombie-themed movies and games are usually very popular with the public. However, what if they truly materialized to pose a threat to our planet? Can you counter these zombies with a strategic defense for your planet? Players will enter a world full of zombies with diverse gameplay. Here, you will defend the city from enemy attacks that come in waves. The defense system consisting of strong automatic weaponry will prevent zombie invasion, while the towers can be continuously reinforced throughout time.

Introduction about Age of Z Origins

In Age of Z Origins, you build defenses to keep deadly zombies out of your city! Prepare yourself for an incredible time! It’s a great strategic zombie game where all you have to do is train your army and construct a vast society with hundreds of structures instead of building tombs and old thrones for battle. As a survivor of a zombie apocalypse, you have to gather all the materials and large sums of money needed to construct structures like farms, hospitals, homes, and weaponry depots. To repel the zombie onslaught and protect the city and all the infected, you must exert every effort. Prepare yourself to play a strategic survival game with zombies!

Age of Z Origins

Outstanding Features

Interesting tower defense gameplay

Age of Z Origins offers additional tower-defense gameplay in addition to city development. Four basic weapons are available for usage, and you can arrange them in specific ways based on your strategy. Weapons can directly improve your defense, as each weapon will have a corresponding effect when the opponent approaches. In addition, the enemy’s stamina and strength will become stronger and stronger. Apart from their inherent abilities, these weapons can be upgraded to take on more formidable adversaries. When you have enough resources or post-battle prizes, you can level up. The percentage of damage increases with the level.

Enemies in various forms

In Age of Z Origins, the adversaries you encounter can be found in a variety of places. To win, you will build a variety of powerful armies. Simultaneously, you’ll see that the enemy will keep popping up and begin attacking your army. After that, you can change the slider to see how many conquests you’ve made. Of course, if you want to understand the advantages of your army, one way is to look at the bar chart located at the top of the screen. The bar chart’s length is continuously fluctuating and has two distinct colors.

Age of Z Origins

Numerous fascinating missions

The Age of Z Origins will give you a wide variety of missions from which you can earn rewards of various values. You’ll find lots of interesting quests, such as daily quests, periodic quests, level quests, and countless smaller quests. However, some tasks can be challenging because their rewards tend to be more valuable than others.


In the post-apocalyptic zombie game Age of Z Origins, you’re one of the last people left on Earth. To repel the game’s hungry zombies, it is your task to assemble the surviving survivors and construct a powerful army and stronghold. Based on this, you can construct your city and an army with distinct capabilities to defend the city in which you reside. You can gather some of the necessities for survival, like gear, food, weapons, and paraphernalia, by exploring the city’s various structures.

Subsequently, you can grow your city and construct more significant and vital structures, such as ports, food and oil depots, hospitals, and other notable facilities like farms, cities, and refuges for the homeless. The number of expansion zones in the city increases with the level. As your expanded area increases, you will have more resources, features, and a variety of valuable rewards to help you survive.

Age of Z Origins

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