Age of Wushu Dynasty

Age of Wushu Dynasty V30.0.10 MOD APK (Mega Menu)

Name Age of Wushu Dynasty
Publisher Snail Games USA Inc
Genre Role-playing
Size 1G
Version V30.0.10
MOD Info Mega Menu
Updated January 08, 2024
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Application introduction

Age of Wushu Dynasty is a role-playing game published by Snail Games USA Inc. The new academic year at the martial arts school has begun, and a large number of applicants have expressed interest in attending this gifted school. You will enter this school to meet the great challenges of the game. Along with your friends, you can participate in designated competitions or the game’s randomly assigned challenges.

Introduction about the Age of Wushu Dynasty

Players will discover an epic world of martial arts in the Age of Martial Arts. Here, the game is full of gripping stories and intense battles, where martial arts and war intertwine. You will develop your skills as a martial artist in the game, learn stunning dance routines, and call upon power to defeat enemies. For those who enjoy the world of martial arts, the Age of Wushu Dynasty is an excellent option because of its amazing features, which make it the ideal fusion of martial arts and role-playing games. Play the game with us now to experience an amazing martial arts world!

Age of Wushu Dynasty

Outstanding Features

A rich fantasy world

The game Age of Wushu Dynasty immerses the player in a fantastical realm populated by fairies, demons, and enigmatic spirits. In the game, you will encounter various and distinct spirits and travel through intriguing landscapes including mountains, forests, and glittering lakes. All of the game’s places, from the sacred geysers of the Van Dong River to the main temple of the Tomb of the Great Mac, provide gamers with an exciting gaming experience.

A variety of game activities

You can select from among the best elves in the Age of Wushu Dynasty. By collecting spirituals and equipment, you can not only enhance the power of the elves but also improve your own martial arts and elves’ secrets. Along with engaging in PvP combat, the Age of Wushu Dynasty offers thrilling PvE experiences like boss hunting, enigmatic cave exploration, and perilous land travel. In addition, you can win valuable prizes by participating in special events and interacting with a large group of players!

Age of Wushu Dynasty

Powerful ancient weapons systems

Ancient weapons were often made of rare materials and handed down from generation to generation. They have amazing power all by themselves, which aids players in engaging in strategic combat and skirmishing. There were many different types of ancient weapons available throughout the Wushu Dynasty, including bows, crossbows, spears, and swords, swords, and sticks. Every weapon has unique qualities, including damage, attack speed, and special capabilities. To increase their power and fighting efficiency, players can select and upgrade their weapons. Players can change their weapons and boost damage and stats by gathering valuable materials. To improve combat effectiveness, special weapon skills can also be learned and developed.


Players can display their martial arts skills in a variety of ways in the Age of Wushu Dynasty thanks to its varied character system and battle strategies. You can learn to be an expert archer and use your bow to eliminate opponents at a distance. You can also learn how to wield a sword expertly and utilize amazing visual effects to vanquish your adversaries. Age of Wushu Dynasty also features a large open world system where you can travel to gorgeous places, take part in amazing events, and interact with other skilled Wulin people. If you want to improve yourself, you can fight with your allies, join a team, or engage in fierce PvP matches.

Age of Wushu Dynasty

Download Age of Wushu Dynasty Right Now!

In the Age of Wushu Dynasty, you had to absorb a great deal of knowledge from the masters. As the rounds progress, you will become aware of what you are lacking and what beneficial experiences you still need to add. You will receive priceless instruction from this school that will equip you to rise to the status of a historical hero. Grab the chance to engage in combat and actively interact with the people around you. Are you ready for a thrilling journey? Become the martial arts king of the Age of Wushu Dynasty by downloading the game right now!

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