Age Of Magic

Age Of Magic V2.15.2 MOD APK (Menu/Damage/Immortal)

Name Age Of Magic
Publisher Playkot LTD
Genre Role-playing
Size 166M
Version V2.15.2
MOD Info Menu/Damage/Immortal
Updated January 05, 2024
Download (166M)

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Application introduction

Age Of Magic is a new turn-based RPG strategy game for mobile devices released by Playkot LTD. On the remains of an old planet, a hero army engages in combat in the game. In a stunning mythological setting, players will go on a true mage’s trip to the Dark Tower. The battle mechanics of the game are simple to understand, and you may quickly acquire characters through a variety of team combat strategies. You can also learn and assemble a team of characters with exceptional attack and defense capabilities.

Introduction about Age Of Magic

In addition to keeping the gaming experience authentic, role-playing games let you practice your critical thinking abilities in a manner similar to that of a genuine strategy game. The main character of the narrative is Roland, a True Mage of the Age of Magic whose present mission is to find a location known as the Dark Tower. Enormous demons are progressively engulfing everything in their path as darkness begins to seep in. One prophecy mentioned that the fate of the world should be determined by the appearance of a TrueMage. Therefore, if Roland wants to successfully reach the Dark Tower, he must constantly overcome obstacles on the way to the Dark Tower.

Age Of Magic

Outstanding Features

Over 100 legendary heroes

Age Of Magic is an Android fantasy game with many great heroes. Roland is the first warrior in the game, and there are more than a hundred legendary heroes to choose from, including Tricky, Pride, Prook Greasyhair, Shni, Grok, Torak, and Jagg. Additionally, you can experience their powerful attacks by unlocking more powerful heroes, such as the Arehonian Blood Mage, Raarspit, and Troddar Shieldbearer. To unlock them, you must gather the pieces of every hero. Most heroes need hundreds of pieces to unlock for the first time because they are so rare. They can also be upgraded later on to increase their critical damage, basic damage, armor, magic damage resistance, hit rate, and basic magic damage.

Many wonderful game modes

In short, the purpose of game modes is to increase player interaction. Age Of Magic, is one of the best role-playing games available, with numerous game modes built right into the interface. You can enjoy weekly updates, Friends Battle, Valley Of Treasures, PvP Arenas, Challenges, Tomb Of Horrors Rules, Dark Campaign, and more in addition to the basic campaign mode. This game will open your eyes more than any other RPGS, so please don’t neglect it.

Age Of Magic

Join the prestigious clans

Prepare to become a member of the elite clans and engage in conversation with your clan members to learn everything there is to know about the game, theme, and heroes. In addition to playing Clan matches with you, these Clan players will provide you with advanced tools and gameplay advice. So get into the prestigious clans now to prepare for the Age Of Magic!


Age of Magic’s gameplay is incredibly accessible to players. In particular, you will choose your attack and let your opponent attack in a turn-based tactical method that governs the play in the game. When all rounds are finished and the opponent is destroyed, the player has achieved their objective. The character’s special and standard attack skills are often found on the right side of the screen. In most matches, attack skills are used nonstop, whereas special skills frequently have a cooldown before they can be used again. Because a match consists of multiple rounds, players have a wider range of tactics to select from when it comes to eliminating opponents and defending other characters in the squad.

Age Of Magic

Download Age Of Magic Right Now!

You can download Age Of Magic now that you have all the information you need. You will love this fantastic game environment and this simple gameplay, all the features mentioned above you can find in the game!

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