Age of KITA

Age of KITA V0.24.0 MOD APK (God Mod, Ammo, Move Speed, Damage)

Name Age of KITA
Publisher FARLIGHT
Genre Strategy
Size 964M
Version V0.24.0
MOD Info God Mod, Ammo, Move Speed, Damage
Updated January 05, 2024
Download (964M)

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Application introduction

Age of KITA is a strategy game published by FARLIGHT. This new game is very similar to Rise of the Kingdom, and it looks very futuristic. In Age of KITA, players will find their way home with soldiers who have been teleported to the planet KITA. Players will encounter a wide range of adversaries, including heavily armed planet inhabitants and beasts. Additionally, players are supported by multiple other characters and choose when to use their skills.

Introduction about the Age of KITA

As the Human Alliance’s Commander, you will lead humankind in its battle against legions of hostile aliens, put an end to the awful rule of the Alien Archonate, and bring in a new age for all of humanity. Because the Age of KITA has a lot of violent content, it is advised that younger players avoid the game. As army commanders, players will delight in intense combat. Recruit heroes and warriors to your army. Display your prowess in strategic construction while battling the other alliance members to emerge as the dominant clan.

Age of KITA

Outstanding Features

Great storyline

In Age of KITA, players will enter the mysterious planet KITA and find their way home with soldiers trying to get home. When wormholes are abundant in a region, the inhabitants of that world are transferred to a foreign planet. Simultaneously, upon being transported to KITA, they encountered hostile locals and hazardous creatures. Therefore, people must come up with appropriate strategies and take action to survive. The survivors manage to defeat the locals, and once they unintentionally retrieve an enemy weapon for further study. Soldiers are constantly being trained and a powerful army is born on the planet KITA. They can use their weapons to face unknown challenges while also managing to explore the strange world they have arrived in.

Different levels of difficulty

In the Age of KITA, players will take control of a soldier and set out on a perilous expedition to discover various parts of the city. Using a joystick, players will control the character and employ a variety of weaponry to eliminate the adversaries in front of them. Additionally, each level has instructions to help you know what to do. The player will encounter another soldier in the first level. This auto-control character will help you when you face dangerous creatures or KITA residents. The user may choose when to employ the second character’s abilities even though she isn’t controllable in the game. Additionally, if you’re lucky, you can find weapons in several places and each weapon has unique qualities.

Age of KITA

The company of teammates

Even with your army, you cannot win if your opponents outnumber you. Therefore, you can find your allies and cooperate with them to combat the adversary. Alternatively, you can choose to capture defeated alliances yourself. When you have a large army, the territory and power will gradually increase.


Age of KITA adopts a top-down perspective that lets you observe the development of the whole action. When the first round begins, your troops will be prepared to battle a variety of monsters that attempt to impede your advancement. To make each squadron advance and intercept every enemy attack, simply swipe your finger over the screen. You can unlock more characters as you progress. Age of KITA’s science fiction plot will put your heroes’ combat prowess to the test as they take on every enemy faction. To optimize a group’s strength, coordination and arrangement are crucial.

The player must understand the strengths and weaknesses of the character and place them wisely. Your army can be made up of infantry, flying blood, spaceships, or robots. Players combine armies from multiple branches to create extraordinary overall strength.

Age of KITA

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