Age of Fantasy

Age of Fantasy V1.178 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Name Age of Fantasy
Publisher Zero Touch group
Genre Strategy
Size 42M
Version V1.178
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Updated January 05, 2024
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Application introduction

Age of Fantasy is a turn-based strategy game published by Zero Touch group. The gameplay of strategy games is always unique and provides an entertaining yet tough experience for the player. The player in Age of Fantasy battles a variety of foes while attempting to pick up new skills and classes. Gamers will adore this game because it takes place in a fantasy-filled universe.

Introduction about Age of Fantasy

Even if the Age of Fantasy is only an idle game, the adventure it offers is significant. The history of fantasy knights’ battles will be written in this era. Players will equip themselves with weapons, put on armor, and engage in combat. When you are venturing to places where there is no safety guarantee, it is crucial to observe and persevere. The game’s usage of beautiful hand-drawn manga-style graphics is another benefit. The vast medieval world and 3D graphics have attracted many players. Be self-reliant to get the necessary growth, develop the right strategy, and have an exciting time in this great game!

Age of Fantasy

Outstanding Features

Different types of adventurers

For adventurers to gain a decisive advantage in combat, they need to be physically strong enough. To assemble a team, we must identify individuals with outstanding potential. There are four types of adventurers: wizards, archers, assassins, and warriors. They can infuse the team with distinctive elements thanks to these roles. It not only fulfills all required effects, but it also promotes the production of advantages. You can achieve great success when playing challenge levels in this way. Also, you have the ability to change and assemble strong squads of various kinds.

Numerous maps available

It’s a turn-based strategy game, just like the original, and it has graphics and animations that bring back memories of classic 8-bit titles like Adventures in the Supernatural. More than 440 potential technologies need to be developed, and there are more than 390 campaign maps to finish. Based on how well you perform, you will receive a reward. By accomplishing the star-gathering goals on every map, you can get gems. Exchange these gems for keys to get more soldiers, cutting-edge equipment, or structures. Additionally, you can collaborate with or challenge other actual gamers from throughout the globe. Make your own unique map by utilizing the map editor!

Age of Fantasy

Fierce Arena

In the Age of Fantasy, the arena is where all players compete for power. You can meet any active player on the server. When you enter the arena, the game will randomly assign you an opponent. Any formation that you believe to be optimal may be used. Along with prizes, the victorious team gains points. In contrast, you might lose points but will still get a comforting gift if you lose. Your position in the player rankings rises as you accrue more arena points.


Players will enter the Age of Fantasy, a universe in which they can control a wide variety of races. You will have ample opportunity to experience the unique aspects of each event. You will take part in various matches and attempt to defeat rivals by using your abilities. Put another way, you’ll utilize strategies for completing the level. Swiping the screen allows you to see additional regions on the screen and move around in this game. You’ll have an 8-bit environment that can go wherever you choose at the same time. Additionally, the Upgrade menu allows you to use Gems to buy hundreds of new playable units, technologies, and buildings.

Age of Fantasy

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This game is definitely worth a try if you enjoy fantasy settings. Select your favorite from six formidable factions, which include humans, orcs, undead, elves, dwarves, and Scales, and enter an epic battle!

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