AFK Idle Fertilizer Tycoon

AFK Idle Fertilizer Tycoon V2.1.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, No ADS)

Name AFK Idle Fertilizer Tycoon
Publisher GGDS - Idle Tycoon Games
Genre Simulation
Size 88M
Version V2.1.1
MOD Info Unlimited Money, No ADS
Updated January 04, 2024
Download (88M)

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Application introduction

AFK Idle Fertilizer Tycoon is a simulation game published by GGDS-Idle Tycoon Games. Play the role of a poop tycoon and build an AFK empire while managing your fertilizer business! Players can experience the process of becoming wealthy and managing an impressive farm in this game. Utilizing livestock products and making improvements to the production process can increase its efficiency. Also, the number of stables changes and you must upgrade to the matching level to unlock them.

Introduction about AFK Idle Fertilizer Tycoon

As a farmer in this game, the player will concentrate on growing fertilizer and running the company. At the start of the game, the player has only an empty lot and a meager amount of money. By cultivating, gathering, and preparing various produce, players can increase their farms’ value and make money. You may cultivate and harvest a wide variety of crops and agricultural products in the AFK Idle Fertilizer Tycoon game, ranging from fruits and vegetables to rice and grasses. Through land purchases, equipment upgrades, and vehicle purchases, players can also grow their farms.

Outstanding Features

Simple way of working

Players in AFK Idle Fertilizer Tycoon will manage a region and produce several cattle breeds that will enable them to amass a substantial fortune. You can purchase a variety of livestock regularly and observe how they advance the livestock area. Therefore, you can generate money more quickly the more cattle that show up in your area. The feeding area has a straightforward operation. All you have to do is bring the animal into the feeding area, and it will devour the food that is there. It creates a certain product after a while, which is subsequently processed in a factory. Of course, you’ll have an extra dollar in your pocket when the truck pulls off the screen.

Upgrade the barn and factory

New animals of the same kind are added when the barn advances to a higher level, and you will start making money sooner. New animals of the same kind are added when the barn advances to a higher level, and you will start making money sooner. You can’t disregard this crucial section in this game.

AFK Idle Fertilizer Tycoon

Earn bonuses

In the game, bonuses can be obtained in a variety of ways and you will often be assigned various tasks. You can gain awards and money by completing these tasks. Make money by gathering goods to resell or by purchasing less expensive goods to resell at a greater price. You can also earn bonuses and rewards by participating in special events. Players who log in every day can, of course, also receive gifts. Moreover, by buying gift packs or gold coins, you can receive bonuses and other bonuses. Note that each game may have a different bonus-earning mechanism. To maximize your bonus earnings and reach your goal, you should check out the bonus-earning options in the game.


To raise cattle and cultivate crops in AFK Idle Fertilizer Tycoon, players must wisely allocate their resources. In addition, players must select flora and fauna that are appropriate for the farm’s soil and climate. Time management skills are required for players to harvest and exchange agricultural goods to make money. Players start with a meager farm and few resources but can build their own farm through several stages. Afterward, the player can expand his farm by purchasing additional land, purchasing tools and equipment for the farm, and growing his enterprise.

AFK Idle Fertilizer Tycoon

Download AFK Idle Fertilizer Tycoon Right Now!

For those who love idle games and want to try their hand at running a farm, AFK Idle Fertilizer Tycoon is a must-try game. Download the game right away, then let’s explore, develop your own farm, and become a billionaire on it!

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