Adventures of Mana

Adventures of Mana V1.1.2 MOD APK (Full Game)

Name Adventures of Mana
Publisher Ltd, SQUARE ENIX Co.
Genre Role-playing
Size 370M
Version V1.1.2
MOD Info Full Game
Updated December 29, 2023
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Application introduction

Adventures of Mana is a role-playing game published by Ltd, SQUARE ENIX Co. The Dark Lords now control the Holy Land’s energy tree, which has given many of them increased strength. Unfortunately, the heroes are governed and influenced by the Dark Lords during their adventures. Let’s see if our heroes can manage to escape!

Introduction about Adventures of Mana

The Tree of Mana is perched atop Mount Elucia, far above the skies. Legends mention that anyone who touches its trunk will gain infinite power. However, an evil Glaive ruler is fighting for dominance in a brutal war. The unfortunate people are dragged from their cells every day to fight the fae. They only have some bread to last them until the next battle, and if they win, they are sent back to the dungeon. Because people’s bodies can only take so much, most will only meet a tragic end. Adventures of Mana’s battle mechanics give you complete control over how and when you fight in exciting battles.

Outstanding Features

Unique art style

Adventures of Mana features an original art style, just like classic RPGs. RPG lovers believe that Adventures of Mana is appealing because of its excellent characters, maps, and graphics. Adventures of Mana uses a more recent virtual engine with daring improvements in comparison to conventional RPGs. The game’s graphics have been considerably improved using more sophisticated technologies. It enhances the user’s sensory experience while keeping the original role-playing game style. In contrast to traditional role-playing games, where players must invest a significant amount of time to accrue wealth, abilities, and skills, in this game, you don’t have to expend much of your energy repeatedly performing the somewhat tedious “accumulation.”

Different types of weapons and magic

There are six distinct categories for weapons, some of which have uses beyond just damage dealing. Despite being modest in number, the six weapons we have created are more common and effective in fights when the enemy must be damaged. Players can swap out their weapons in battle to adapt to various circumstances. The magic possessed by each hero is unique. Furthermore, eight distinct spells can be used for nearly every situation, ranging from healing damaged HP or curing various ailments to murdering opponents or rendering them helpless. The hero can use several spells to restore the HP that was lost during combat in addition to their ability to swiftly heal wounds.

Adventures of Mana

Various obstacles and challenges

The Adventures of Mana informs you of unforeseen difficulties in addition to the necessary basic knowledge. As the levels increase, besides the fact that your opponents will keep giving you trouble, you may also face increasingly difficult tasks or get stuck because you don’t have the key to enter the next door. However, we are confident that the player will not be deterred by these difficulties as they are only the beginning of the challenge. The player switches up their weaponry in the fight according to the circumstances. Every hero possesses a unique kind of magic. Apart from having fast wound healing abilities, the hero can also use spells to replenish life points lost during combat.


Not only does Adventures of Mana give them unrestricted movement and require them to defeat all monsters to win but the system is updated regularly to keep things fresh for the player. The player will only be able to survive until the very end if they can hone some of the abilities required to win battles more rapidly, such as the ability to strike quickly, move nimbly, and dodge moves precisely. On the primary interface are navigational help keys. The controller is designed to be an intelligent controller that automatically senses and corrects hand position, ensuring that the control always remains in the correct position. With a virtual joystick, players can move across the screen at any point.

Adventures of Mana

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