AdVenture Communist

AdVenture Communist V6.27.0 MOD APK (Free Scientist Upgrade)

Name AdVenture Communist
Publisher Hyper Hippo
Genre Simulation
Size 80M
Version V6.27.0
MOD Info Free Scientist Upgrade
Updated December 29, 2023
Download (80M)

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Application introduction

AdVenture Communist is a simulation game published by Hyper Hippo that will create a large world with a lucrative potato garden. You will become one of the diligent comrades in this simulation game about growing potatoes and managing resources. You need to create a solid strategy in order for your region to acquire the greatest outcomes and a high rating.

Introduction about AdVenture Communist

AdVenture Communist showcases hundreds of mouthwatering potato gardens from different regions of the world. Many potato farms will make you the wealthy boss. It is your responsibility to put in a lot of effort into scientifically digging and gathering potatoes. In addition, you have to understand how to design the best possible strategy in order to advance the area’s production resources. Get to the top of the leaderboard by increasing your potato harvest. Acquire information, employ the tools of production, dig potatoes, and become a member of the Supreme Leader’s army. Now, let’s dig potatoes together with a shovel!

AdVenture Communist

Outstanding Features

The most important currency – gold

AdVenture Communist tests your brain in addition to giving you tedious tasks to complete, making the game more exciting. Create the best strategy for action to advance your clan and bring it fame. If you want to make your tribe famous, you need to have a lot of gold. The only currency that will keep your rank stable is gold. The most valuable currency in AdVenture Communism is gold, and using it properly may do wonders for your glorious nation. Science, Capsules and Time Warps are props you must buy with gold to move up the leaderboards. In order for your country to stand out from the competition, you need to utilize the full potential of gold.

Generous benefits

The capsule contains the answers to every question you have about your achievements. Capsules can be obtained through housework or by looking through the store’s daily freebies. This is exactly what the Supreme Leader likes, as these precious capsules give you the tools you need to move forward quickly. Open these capsules, my friends, and you will receive unlimited benefits.

AdVenture Communist

Multiple activities

You must often visit the store to maintain the motivation of your production plant if you want it to soar to the top of the rankings. Pay attention to how your competitors’ stores are developing and make reasonable plans to compete fairly with them. AdVenture Communist offers you a lot of activities, don’t miss them, especially the turntable activities where you can earn great rewards.

Supreme pass

You need to get the Supreme Pass in order to advance in AdVenture Communist. You can unlock additional rewards by completing unique objectives that require the use of the Supreme Pass. Because each Supreme Pass season lasts only 30 days, you have to finish assignments and obtain unique level rewards before the season ends. Purchase the Supreme Pass to take the throne of grandeur and guarantee your place in history.


In AdVenture Communist, obtaining glorious potatoes is the first step on the road to success. An important resource in this game is potatoes. To get more resources, you can contribute to the country by growing and harvesting potatoes and boost your reputation. Keep in mind that a robust communist society is built on potatoes, my friends. In a robust communist society, potatoes are essential. To achieve greatness, you must put on your work gloves, dig a potato pit, and roll up your sleeves. Only in this way can you reach your full potential. Your ranking will rise in proportion to the amount of potatoes you provide.

AdVenture Communist

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