Adventure Bar Story

Adventure Bar Story V1.7.2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Name Adventure Bar Story
Publisher RideonJapan
Genre Role-playing
Size 13M
Version V1.7.2
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Updated December 28, 2023
Download (13M)

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Application introduction

Adventure Bar Story is a role-playing game published by RideonJapan that takes you into the world of bars to sample some of the scariest food and drinks on the planet. Have you ever imagined owning a bar? The game has a nice sense of rhythm and is the ideal combination of large-scale role-playing and simulation management. This is the game for you if you are addicted to simulation games and are a fan of role-playing games.

Introduction about Adventure Bar Story

As one of the most played role-playing games lately, Adventure Bar Story has amassed a sizable global fan base. ApkHuge is the best option if you want to download this game. Because we’re giving you the Unlimited Money Mod for free, you can focus on enjoying the game without having to complete the game’s tedious mechanical tasks. Although you never had the chance to become the most powerful tycoon in the city, you can enter the game to realize your dream.

These taverns became famous for their luxury and horror food. When they come to your tavern to discuss business, you will face hundreds of the most skilled adventurers. This implies that death could occur to you at any moment. In addition to the atmosphere and level of safety, your menu will attract customers.

Adventure Bar Story

Outstanding Features

An important challenge

Your peaceful life is disturbed by a big challenge. Gustav is preparing to pay any price to purchase your tavern. To fend off vicious attacks and overwhelming threats from your opponents, you only need to do one thing above all else. Use your sharp mind to grow your tavern and make it the strongest and most famous place. Food and drink will always be an important aspect that will help your tavern compete with the nearby eateries and bars.

High-quality game graphics

Like traditional role-playing games, Adventure Bar Story has a distinct art style. Its excellent graphics, maps, and characters draw in a lot of role-playing game fans. However, Adventure Bar Story is different from traditional role-playing games in many ways. Adventure Bar Story’s virtual engine is even more advanced and gets a bold upgrade. The game’s screen experience has been significantly improved by more sophisticated technology. Players will feel that the creators of this game have retained the game’s original aesthetic while optimizing the user’s sensory experience. To ensure that all RPG enthusiasts can enjoy Adventure Bar Story to the fullest, the game is also quite adaptable and can be downloaded on a variety of mobile phone models.

Adventure Bar Story

Fun Mod

The feature and enjoyment of a traditional role-playing game is that players must invest a significant amount of time to gain wealth, abilities, and skills. However, the accumulation process can also make the player feel bored and even exhausted. With the emergence of mods, players no longer need to spend most of their energy repeating the relatively monotonous “accumulation”. You can quickly bypass this part and concentrate on the enjoyment of the game itself with the aid of mods.


Because of its distinctive gameplay, Adventure Bar Story is a well-known role-playing game that has amassed a sizable global fan base. Adventure Bar Story is different from traditional role-playing games in that you can easily learn the entire game by only going through the tutorial and having fun with it. The tabletop setting of this game is very special and creative. You take on the role of Kamerina ‘s tavern owner. Hundreds of adventurers congregate here every day as it’s one of the most prestigious taverns in the city. They can freely share critical information and conduct business here.

Adventure Bar Story

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Download the game, make delicious and creative dishes, beat your opponent Gustav, and improve yourself!

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