AdVenture Ages

AdVenture Ages V1.23.0 MOD APK (Free Scientist Card)

Name AdVenture Ages
Publisher Hyper Hippo
Genre Simulation
Size 103M
Version V1.23.0
MOD Info Free Scientist Card
Updated December 28, 2023
Download (103M)

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Application introduction

AdVenture Ages is a simulation game published by Hyper Hippo. In the game, players can go back in time to make sure that things continue to happen as they always have. Players can improve characters and items in the game to boost productivity. Players can enhance in-game characters and items to boost productivity because they generate resources that can be utilized to finish tasks. In addition, players can encounter heroes who play significant roles and receive rewards for finishing missions.

Introduction about AdVenture Ages

In this game, you have to reestablish your former successful career while trying to restore history. Players will have the opportunity to grow into legendary heroes with great wealth. To unlock powerful heroes, you must speed up the treasure hunt and complete a series of quests. You will undoubtedly have a better gaming experience thanks to the realistic character designs and the game’s features and functionalities. With the aid of this game, begin your historical journey.

AdVenture Ages

Outstanding Features

Explore civilizations

With the aid of civilization, the game will start to mend the shattered timeline of the past. The most important civilizations in history are shown in this game. Players will embark on a journey to explore many civilizations, each with a unique culture and characteristics. Players will have the opportunity to explore the secrets that exist within them. The player’s mission is to gather resources while touring each civilization to upgrade the Time machine and make it more advanced. Conflict is a constant in all civilizations. These disputes will lead to wars, which will wipe out civilizations and also lead to a decline in their populations. Your goal is to bring the population back to the heyday of each civilization.

AdVenture Ages

Collect resources to upgrade

Although the demographics of each era varied, the general trend was that catastrophic wars caused population shortages. With the help of this unique game, you need to contribute to the population growth program! To increase their power, keep gathering all kinds of things, including tools, information, artwork, machinery, and technology. These elements all provide the player a lot of power. Collecting historical heroes from different periods can help you manage your resources effectively. Utilize the resources gathered to fuel your time travel device.

Various heroes

Players will come across real heroes in each historical era of AdVenture Ages, who can naturally assist you in accomplishing the objectives of the game. If you are able to unlock the hero and meet the requirements to level up, you should level up as quickly as possible. Their cards can be unlocked through treasure chests. Players will see a noticeable effect on character tags or resource production equipment each time an attribute is increased.


Your goal in AdVenture Ages is straightforward: go back in time, support the advancement of civilization, and ensure that the history is accurate. Players will stop certain civilizations from disappearing by using this protection. There are historical figures and objects that will appear in the game, and they will cooperate to produce resources. The player shouldn’t find this process too difficult because resources will be generated regularly and a control button to unlock the next part will be visible.

AdVenture Ages

Download AdVenture Ages Right Now!

AdVenture Ages is a feature-rich game for mobile gaming devices that will satisfy the demands of all fans. All players may simply install and start playing the game right away because it is a totally free gaming platform that is compatible with practically all devices. Start your journey to the historical era with this game! You will feel the unique charm of different civilizations in this game, call your friends or family to enter AdVenture Ages world together!

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