Advance Robot Fighting Game 3D

Advance Robot Fighting Game 3D V3.4 MOD APK (Enemy Can't Attack)

Name Advance Robot Fighting Game 3D
Publisher JHU Technology Pvt Ltd
Genre Adventure
Size 78M
Version V3.4
MOD Info Enemy Can't Attack
Updated December 28, 2023
Download (78M)

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Application introduction

Advance Robot Fighting Game 3D is an adventure game published by JHU Technology Pvt Ltd. The quick advancement of science and technology has made robots an integral part of our daily existence. Have you ever visualized the sight of robot combat? This Advance Robot Fighting game will tell you the answer and you will shine and fight as a superhero in this place. You need to launch a powerful attack so they will be afraid of you. Players can test their skills and climb leaderboards while gathering money and unlocking new characters in the more than 80 levels and three distinct modes available.

Introduction about Advance Robot Fighting Game 3D

You’ll embark on an adventure in a novel and distinctive universe in this game, where you’ll have to complete tasks and discover brand-new features. Take up arms and join the fierce battle! Advance Robot Fighting Game 3D is a must-play game if you want to understand about Robot Fighting games! The Android game offers players a great gameplay experience with over 80 difficult levels divided into three difficulty settings.

Advance Robot Fighting Game 3D

Outstanding Features

Rich robot options and skills

Robots are a common sight in action games, so you’re undoubtedly familiar with them. You can select from a range of robot characters in the game to create amazing battles with your favorites. The robots are also able to change their form depending on the battle situation so that they can launch counterattacks more quickly and overwhelm their opponents. You need to arm yourself with skills because everyone wants to be the strongest in the wizarding realm. Remember that you and your opponent are equal in strength, thus even the smallest mistake will result in a swift defeat.

Upgrade and outfit more powerful robots

It will be necessary to upgrade and outfit more powerful robots because because the tasks you encounter will not be so easy. To make it easier for players to quickly adapt to the game environment, the game difficulty will be graded from hard to easy. Each level you’ll have tasks to complete, such as protecting your base and repelling invaders as they invade. Furthermore, the game lets you form groups and engage in combat with your pals in Advance Robot Fighting Game 3D.

Advance Robot Fighting Game 3D

Suitable for many types of players

This powerful robot street fighting game is recommended for players who like robot action games. Both serious players looking for a fresh challenge and casual players looking for fun will enjoy it. Players can get a great gaming experience in the game because it has excellent controls and stunning graphics. There are numerous exciting robot battles in Advance Robot Fighting Game 3D. Your robot simulator has the ability to battle and defeat hostile robots in future conflicts.

Collect gold

One of power Robot Street combat Game 3D’s main features is collecting gold, which lets you unlock new street combat characters. You can interact with a variety of fresh and engaging playable characters throughout the game. The fact that every playable character in the game has unique actions and skills adds to its allure and challenge.


You can skillfully control your own robot thanks to the game’s sensible and simple control system. One of the most intriguing aspects of the game is using evil robots to battle powerful robots. You’ll change into the most courageous warrior and go out on a mission. As a superhero in the game, you must protect the planet from evil forces. With a few simple steps, you’ll soon familiarize yourself with the game’s controls. To destroy other robots, you’ll employ a range of tactics and creative morphing.

Advance Robot Fighting Game 3D

Download Advance Robot Fighting Game 3D Right Now!

Advance Robot Fighting Game 3D is not only an action game for all ages, it’s also one of the most important games of 2022. Regardless of the player’s level of robot combat game experience, this is an enjoyable and challenging game!

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