Addams Family: Mystery Mansion

Addams Family: Mystery Mansion V0.8.4 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Name Addams Family: Mystery Mansion
Publisher PIXOWL INC.
Genre Simulation
Size 120M
Version V0.8.4
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Updated December 27, 2023
Download (120M)

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Application introduction

Addams Family: Mystery Mansion is a simulation game published by PIXOWL INC that takes us into a mysterious world. There was still power struggles going on between the Addams family’s various factions. You are on a crucial mission to track Gomez and Morticia back to their eponymous mansion, which is currently deserted. All you have to do to revive the Adams family’s distinct style is to explore every room and add decoration.

Introduction about Addams Family: Mystery Mansion

You may decorate a horrifying Addams family mansion in the strategy game Addams Family: Mystery Mansion, which is based on the 2019 film The Addams Family. Players will like the simulation game’s distinctive features, which revolve on a strong family with unknown secrets. You will also notice that the game now contains more riddles, which is a great improvement. To add new gameplay highlights, players must specify their roles and missions.

Addams Family

Outstanding Features

A mysterious storyline

In the story, you are a little girl and are brought to a mansion. However, because of its lengthy history, this mansion contains many mysteries that no one can fully explain. You need to complete all the tasks and it’s up to you whether you can uncover the hidden secrets of this villa. Do you really believe there are monsters in this mansion? Don’t be afraid, because the house itself contains several unusual plants and artifacts. You will notice that there are many interesting things in the mansion that you need to develop one by one. Ghosts and terrifying cannibals will be present in this mansion because it is always dark here. You will have to face these horrible scenarios.

Interesting puzzles

You must make full use of the puzzles that are scattered throughout the rooms. More precisely, you will discover the truth of things after solving those puzzles. To put it briefly, you will get distinct information from each quiz. As the game’s story progresses, many questionable relationships and things will slowly be revealed. It would be helpful if the housekeeper of this large villa allowed you to install security cameras to spy on strangers. Many secret meetings will be held at dusk, eager to remove you and your family from power. Thus, you must battle them in order to save the family’s priceless parts and souls.

Addams Family

Beautiful graphics and unforgettable music

Players can hardly find any flaws in the Addams Family screen, as the Addams family has perfect colors. Even seemingly trivial things, like color, are rarely criticized because they are carefully planned by the developer. The game’s music isn’t scary, but it’s magical and memorable.


To help you understand the mysterious knowledge contained in this mansion, puzzles will be provided one by one. Puzzles are constantly updated to keep players fresh. Furthermore, players will need to defend themselves with more advanced weaponry in case of an emergency. The objective of the game is to clear your mansion of prickly plants and renovate it in a style that is all your own. In the game, you can also look for Allies, as they will support you when you need them.

In addition, players must alert their loved ones to the possibility of these icy creatures attacking at any time. A great deal of the game’s elements are visually appealing and simple to understand. As long as you comprehend the game directions, you may effortlessly finish the assignment.

Addams Family

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By interacting with NPCS and exploring the levels, players can find quests. You can unlock goods, new rooms in the house, and new objectives by using the resources and experiences you acquire by completing quests. This huge mansion will be restored to its former glory with your efforts.

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