Ace Defender: Dragon War

Ace Defender: Dragon War V2.5.0 MOD APK (Mega Menu)

Name Ace Defender: Dragon War
Genre Role-playing
Size 105M
Version V2.5.0
MOD Info Mega Menu
Updated December 26, 2023
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Application introduction

Ace Defender: Dragon War is a role-playing GAME published by ACE GAME INTERNATIONAL LIMITED in which players take control of their superheroes to fight evil and protect the kingdom from enemies. Recently, this point-and-click fantasy strategy game featuring role-playing has been a hit with players. It is possible for anybody to develop superhuman strength and participate in many battles fought to maintain international peace. Each battle begins and ends based on your power and tactics.

Introduction about Ace Defender: Dragon War

The game features stunning graphics, a complex game system, and an engrossing plot. Players will engage in an exciting struggle between humans and mysterious dragons. You have to learn clever tactics if you want to be an elite defender. To take on the terrifying Dragon army, make use of special abilities and a variety of characters. The conclusion of this war will decide the fate of both worlds, thus this is no ordinary battle. Are you ready to fight in Dragon War and show who is the best Ace Guard?

Ace Defender

Outstanding Features

Colorful characters

The game contains a large number of epic characters that you can improve or apply new equipment to get to know them better. There are strong assassin fighters, skillful magicians, and formidable melee fighters, and each character has a distinct appearance and skill set. Information about equipment, special abilities, and skills can be found on character cards. It is possible to outfit your avatar with unique weapons, armor, shoes, jewelry, and helmets. Choosing and assembling squads will enable you to put together adaptable and potent tactical lineups. They can be improved in combat by training, customizing, and upgrading.

Unique color images and dynamic music

With its vibrant, distinct graphics, Ace Defender: War of Dragon Slayer stands out above other role-playing games. In addition, there is a blur effect in the image. Maps and battles are continuously improved by developers. Characters in the game are presented to us with different cards. For the epic screen, players can customize their avatar. There is upbeat music in practically every section of the game. Every character has a distinct voice and musical accompaniment.

Ace Defender

Diverse and flexible game system

The theme of Ace Defender: Dragon War is a conflict with invaders, which will create an exciting and intense combat experience. Players have to overcome many difficulties in the Ace Defender. The game’s combat system is diverse and flexible. Long-range attacks can be made with bows and arrows, and melee damage can be dealt with powerful magic or melee weapons. Because dragon and monster invaders vary in type and difficulty, players need to adjust their strategies and use their skills effectively. In the struggle against aggressiveness, coordination, and cooperation are equally crucial.


The Evil Dragon summons an entire army of undead to the peaceful settlement in an attempt to disrupt the peaceful lives of its inhabitants. The residents were saved by gods, fairies, witches, elves, and knights. The plot has a lot of mysteries buried, therefore you have to battle evil to discover the truth. Players may expect new things from Ace Defender: Dragon War with every new level, such as exclusive game modes, gear, heroes, and fight zones. You can also get amazing goodies that aid in your fighting when you advance to a new level.

In addition, the game also offers several new game modes, such as Paradise Castle, Continent, and Expedition. The main storyline, which is the final mode, has a wealth of fresh and fascinating information regarding both the new warrior’s mission and the dragon-slaying onslaught.

Ace Defender

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The game offers players a limitless amount of enjoyment and challenge by fusing action, strategy, and adventure. Explore all of the wizarding world’s mysteries before taking on the undead in combat!

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