Abandoned City Survival

Abandoned City Survival V1.0.8 MOD APK (Unlimited All, Instant Craft, High Capacity)

Name Abandoned City Survival
Publisher Pavel Katsnelson
Genre Strategy
Size 172 MB
Version V1.0.8
MOD Info Unlimited All, Instant Craft, High Capacity
Updated December 26, 2023
Download (172 MB)

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Application introduction

Pavel Katsnelson is the publisher of the popular action survival game Abandoned City Survival. In the game, many people are creating a brand-new city from the ground up after surviving terrible incidents. Are you prepared for a true struggle for survival during a nuclear war in an abandoned city? Assist the city’s survivors in gathering supplies, crafting equipment, and constructing a dwelling!

Introduction about Abandoned City Survival

The player will first enter an abandoned city upon entering Abandoned City Survival, where they must instantly fight to survive. Here, your goal is to help the protagonist stay safe at all times while remaining alert to his surroundings. You have to do everything it takes to survive in this game about end-of-the-world survival. Take care of the survivors, construct the final secure shelters, and fix large vehicles so that you may drive out of the abandoned city.

Abandoned City Survival

Outstanding Features

Valuable resources

In Abandoned City Survival, players have to control their characters to locate essential supplies and resources. Never disregard any information that appears in the game if you want a secure life. You can break into other buildings and raid abandoned cars and residences to find useful things for your manufacturing or construction projects. For players who are just starting in the game, this is the most crucial step. There are numerous places where you can locate the resources you need. We believe that every kind of resource will have a direct impact on your gaming experience.

Build Your Shelter

There are all kinds of people in this abandoned city. They may be heading in different directions from you, and some of them might be professional thieves. Consequently, if you want to guarantee that your resources are always protected, you must construct a safe shelter. First, construct a little house, then gather more resources to expand the size of your secure area. To improve the lives of those who dwell here, don’t forget to construct further helpful projects.

Abandoned City Survival

Create more new tools and facilities

The more tools you have, the more powerful you become. You can create more new tools if you have enough resources. To improve your tools and improve your quality of life in the city, you have to do research and development. If you want to heal the survivors and make them recover more quickly, you must also construct a medical facility.

Gorgeous 3D images

Even if the game elements are simple, the player can still have fun. With simple graphics and a balanced color scheme, this game becomes very excellent. Therefore, because of the carefully designed details of the game, players can enjoy vivid visual effects directly on the screen. Furthermore, Abandoned City Survival has a very smooth transition effect, so even with a low-end device, you may play this game.


After a catastrophic tragedy, the survivors are trapped in a city lacking basic amenities and infrastructure. To protect yourself from the outside world, you and the other survivors will need to create tools and weapons and even construct a shelter. If you want to leave the deserted city as fast as possible, you can also fix a vehicle. To rebuild rapidly and turn it into a place worth living, all of the survivors must cooperate. You have to restore the city and make sure you stay safe for as long as possible before you leave. Therefore, you need to gather all the survivors and start digging and gathering materials to build the buildings, tools, and shelters you need.

Abandoned City Survival

Download Abandoned City Survival Right Now!

Abandoned City Survival impressed us in many ways even though it was just released. Download the game and explore if you enjoy playing survival simulation games!

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