A Villain’s Twisted Heart

A Villain’s Twisted Heart V2.1.10 MOD APK (Free Premium Choices)

Name A Villain’s Twisted Heart
Publisher Genius Inc
Genre Simulation
Size 139M
Version V2.1.10
MOD Info Free Premium Choices
Updated December 26, 2023
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Application introduction

A Villain’s Twisted Heart is a game published by Genius Inc and has been loved by players since its release. In this virtual universe, where power entails immense responsibility, players will start with a unique story and must finish a challenging goal. You will realize that you have unlimited potential. Your mission is to save humanity from evil and dark conspiracies. Along the way, you will accompany friends and return peace to everyone.

Introduction about A Villain’s Twisted Heart

A Villain’s Twisted Heart is a puzzle game based on a bizarre story. The game will fit your needs if you’re a player who enjoys a storyline along with simulation-style games. In order to carry out your evil plan, you must explore, discover, and solve difficult tasks in the game. This game will take players to a colorful and surprising universe. Story simulation games are the main product of the game creation company Genius Inc. Players will feel completely immersed in a vivid book, as the game’s vibrant colors are reminiscent of romance novels. You’ll love the game because of its engaging gameplay and anime-style graphics.

A Villain's Twisted Heart


A Villain’s Twisted Heart’s creators have worked extremely hard to select a compelling plot. The beginning of the entire story centers around a unique little girl who discovered as a child that she had an unusual ability: she could make the names she recited come to life. The girl kept this secret until the day she had to use it, knowing it could spell disaster. To unleash the most mayhem on Earth, a man wearing a mask wishes to take advantage of your extraordinary abilities. Once you get further in the game, numerous tales will start to surface.

Outstanding Features

Unique and handsome character

Because you can make incredibly attractive characters in this game, it’s ideal for ladies. These people are from various fairy realms. Everybody has a distinct personality. Grimm had an incredibly erratic disposition and was known by the moniker “The Big Bad Wolf.” As the leader of the most infamous pirate gang, Hook can bring you a lot of positive energy. Hisame is a powerful ice Lord with ice powers as cold as his character, and he can freeze his enemies and cut them to pieces.

A Villain's Twisted Heart

Powerful mission system

A Villain’s Twisted Heart has a powerful task system, which is mainly divided into main tasks, side tasks, and special tasks. The primary mission advances you toward your character’s ultimate objective and is focused on the game’s main plot. Side missions are voluntary tasks that you can finish to gain experience and worthwhile rewards. There are also special tasks, such as obstacle courses or hunting mode, which can let you test your skills and win worthwhile prizes. Your experience with the game will become more enjoyable thanks to its intricate and varied mission system.


A Villain’s Twisted Heart’s gameplay offers a fresh and thrilling experience. Players will venture into a dark world to test the boundaries of morality. The character might proceed in an evil or chaotic route depending on the decisions and actions that players take. Depending on the player’s decisions, the character will change and go through various experiences. Character interactions in the game will also have an impact on the plot and resolution. A Villain’s Twisted Heart boasts a highly interactive and diverse gameplay experience. Players have the option to be nasty and vicious, hurt innocent people, or be nice. The plot will unfold in unexpected ways depending on the choices made by the player.

A Villain's Twisted Heart

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The fact that players will ultimately shape the game to suit their preferences is one of its distinctive aspects. Have you ever imagined that a game’s conclusion may vary greatly based on your preferences? You’ll love the game’s dramatic storyline and well-designed characters.

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