A Tale of Little Berry Forest

A Tale of Little Berry Forest V1.00.65 MOD APK (Full Game)

Name A Tale of Little Berry Forest
Publisher LittleBerryGames
Genre Adventure
Size 70M
Version V1.00.65
MOD Info Full Game
Updated December 22, 2023
Download (70M)

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Application introduction

A Tale of Little Berry Forest is an adventure game published by LittleBerryGames. You can make new dishes using the book’s recipes, but there are still more new ones that you should gradually discover. This game set in a woodland does not contain any computer-generated imagery. We manually sketch each character in this fairy tale using oil painting sticks! Explore the subtle, slow-moving charm in these thrilling, action-packed fairy tale games. The game’s characters have unique storylines that players will come across and experience.

Introduction about A Tale of Little Berry Forest

You’ll be greeted by a lot of adorable and distinctive characters in A Tale of Little Berry Forest. These are components of a particular page that the artist created with oil paints rather than computer graphics. The fact that there are plants all around you that can produce food and serve as a source of ingredients for cooking makes them even more amazing. You will discover several entertaining activities to play as well as adorable recipes and cuisines. You’ll experience the comfort of home cooking with this game we’ve made.

A Tale of Little Berry Forest

Outstanding features

Intelligent map

The game will give the user a precise positioning system to display every element on the map as soon as they enter this realm. This can assist you in acclimating to the alpine landscape and improving your navigational skills. By figuring out your position, method, and direction, you may also ascertain whether you will succeed or fail on your own. Important areas are highlighted and made more noticeable by the colors on the map. Additionally, the development of agriculture converges into a whole profession. The magnificent mountain terrain is what players find most impressive about this world.

Characters with rural characteristics

Numerous characters with traits can be found in A Tale of Little Berry Forest. They all have a rustic charm that instantly makes the player feel at ease and friendly as soon as they enter the game. This is because country attire, along with accessories like hats and boots, is incredibly elegant and simple.

A Tale of Little Berry Forest

Creative graphics and game scenes

The game A Tale of Little Berry Forest is creative. In contrast to other online games, where the majority of the images are created by a machine, A Tale of Little Berry Forest’s designers pay close attention to every little detail. This particular feature sets the game apart from others of its kind. First-rate artists’ artistic hands developed every scenario and image that players appreciate in the game. In order to create a good game experience for players, they used a special tool called the oil painting stick. Players will be captivated by this magical realm of fairy tales and leave with wonderful memories.

Feeling of healing

A serene agricultural puzzle game is called A Tale of Little Berry Forest. The game has a suitably slow and gentle pace, created by manual brushstrokes. Every detail of the tale is unique, and anybody can have a serene pastoral experience. You can play this game when you’re bored with life outside of it. The game is full of heartwarming clips that bring a sense of hope and healing.


The game A Tale of Little Berry Forest centers around planting and tending to trees. In order to establish and maintain trees, the player collaborates with amiable neighbors. When plants bloom and bear fruit, players can gather the fruit with their neighbors. To become proficient with recipes, you don’t have to be an expert in every aspect of cooking. As you take care of your plants, don’t forget to gather and store fertilizer. You’ll receive new delights every day and every week. You ought to be skilled at following recipes to create delectable meals, as the hidden book is filled with knowledge handed down through the generations.

A Tale of Little Berry Forest

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This is a game like a fairy tale, as long as you enter the game world you can feel the warm and healing feeling, hurry to download the game!

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