A Story of A Company!

A Story of A Company! V1.1.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Name A Story of A Company!
Publisher Buff Studio
Genre Casual
Size 65M
Version V1.1.0
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Updated December 22, 2023
Download (65M)

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Application introduction

A Story of A Company! is a casual game published by Buff Studio. You can choose your own story in the animal-human hybrid visual novel game A Tale of a Company Mod APK while taking part in the office politics, drama, and conflict of a regular corporation. Explore the game’s many chapters and uncover the hidden story. Your choices will play a crucial role in the development of the story.

Introduction about A Story of A Company!

The touching graphic novel game A Story of A Company tells the story of the everyday lives of humans and animals at work. The story is a voyage of development and introspection that focuses on the everyday lives of extraordinary Hybrid characters. This office fiction game helps you unwind while simulating a typical workday. It’s very simple to play and interactive. If you download this recommended game, you’ll discover an amazing universe with colorful stories and characters that are fascinating Hybrids of humans and animals!

A Story of A Company


A Story of A Company is a good choice to unwind with if real life is too demanding, stressful, or hurried. This game’s features include its beautiful soundtrack, striking graphics, and intricate narrative. This creates a unique universe in which people and animals coexist peacefully. Every individual coexists and works with every other as equal members of the human race. Everyone is attempting to make a difference in the development of society. The story is set in a contemporary world where hybrids and humans coexist. Howl is the game’s primary character and a representative of a pharmaceutical business. Along with working alongside a colleague, you’ll be juggling everyday tasks and handling the devastating news that his department is closing.

Outstanding Features

Vivid characterization

There is a lot of depth and vividness in each character’s representation. They thereby exhibit a distinct set of autonomous actions. It is possible to convey as much information as possible about origin, looks, attitude, and even hobbies. But there is still something missing. These mysteries will eventually come to light in the course of the story. Each nuance and bit of knowledge serves as an essential link. All of these will be essential to help you gain insight into the world. There are so many interesting things to explore in this world!

A Story of A Company

The richness of the story

The game’s greatest feature is its vibrant and intricate kaleidoscopic multiverse look. The events and details in a book or movie are solely the author’s decision. However, that’s not the case in A Story of A Company. There will be new challenges to overcome every day since each day is unique. The outcomes will differ based on your selection. You follow the plot closely and become fully immersed in the character’s life as a result. The outcome will be entirely different if you replay the game with a different interaction if you wish to alter the ending.

Beautiful pictures and soft music

Beautiful and classic photographs can be seen in A Story of a Company. The playing experience has been greatly enhanced by the developers’ substantial investment. It is similar to a portable comic book that you can carry with you. The game with soft music will touch your heart.


This is an emotionally charged word-based narrative set in an office. Here, you’ll take on the role of an office worker who was recently employed by a pharmaceutical company, joining the other orcs to form the third department of sales. Everybody plays a vital role and advances the business’s development. After a few quiet days, you learn that the department is disbanding. The story’s specifics get more intriguing as the protagonist faces the prospect of bankruptcy.

To avoid losing your job, you and your colleagues try to do something for yourself. Your choice will determine the fate of you and your partner. As a result, there are various endings throughout the game. In the new game, you can explore, get achievements, and learn more about the character.

A Story of A Company

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A Story of A Company is a visual novel designed to spark conversations. It is simple to use and has an interface that is similar to a mobile phone. You will enjoy this extremely moving novel’s likable characters as long as you get into the game.

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