A Normal Lost Phone

A Normal Lost Phone V2 MOD APK (Full Game)

Name A Normal Lost Phone
Publisher PID Games
Genre Adventure
Size 50M
Version V2
MOD Info Full Game
Updated December 22, 2023
Download (50M)

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Application introduction

A Normal Lost Phone is an adventure game published by PID Games. By looking through the phone’s texts, photos, and apps, you can uncover information about the phone’s prior owner in this narrative investigation-style game. You can find out more about Sam’s life, relationships, family, and friends through this phone, right up until the night they turned 18 and vanished without explanation. The game’s plot is realistic, which makes it easier to develop empathy for the characters and tackle some challenging subjects.

Introduction about A Normal Lost Phone

The objective of this game is to allow the user to identify the phone’s owner and utilize that identity to unravel the mystery surrounding the phone’s prior owner. Like many other adventure games, A Normal Lost Phone has become quite popular recently and has amassed a significant global fan base. The most recent version of A Normal Lost Phone 2 is available for free on ApkHuge, along with the Full mod, which relieves you of the tedious mechanical tasks in the game so you can focus on how much fun it is. Additionally, we guarantee that gamers won’t be charged anything and that installing it is both free and completely safe.

A Normal Lost Phone

Outstanding Features

The real world is connected to the dream world

Players can act in a way that best fits their identity in the imaginary world that A Normal Lost Phone offers as a bridge between the actual and virtual worlds. An obvious question that the game poses is this: even though you’re not actually playing the game, do you still consider it finished if you close the app and continue to think about it? For the investigation process to progress, players must think strategically and be prepared at all times. In this story-driven adventure game, the reader’s emotional connection to the character’s predicament results in a workable solution.

High-quality picture

Maps, characters, and an original graphical style make A Normal Lost Phone a popular game among adventure enthusiasts. A Normal Lost Phone has a new virtual engine with dramatic modifications, making it different from classic adventure games. The graphics experience of the game has been significantly enhanced by more sophisticated technology. It extends the user’s sensory experience to the fullest while maintaining the original adventure approach. All fans of adventure games can fully experience the delight of this game thanks to the variety and excellent adaptability of APK mobile phone types.

Unique Mod

It takes a lot of time for players to gain wealth, skills, and talents in traditional adventure games. All of this is essential not only to the functionality of the game but also to the enjoyment of the game. However, the process of accumulating these things will inevitably wear players out, and the advent of MOD has changed this dynamic. It’s not necessary to expend much of your efforts here repeating the mildly tedious “accumulation”. With the mod version, you may easily bypass this step and concentrate on having fun with the game itself.


In contrast to conventional adventure games, A Normal Lost Phone only requires you to complete the basic tutorial before you can begin playing the entire game. Similar to a real-world survey, your mission is to gather additional information about the phone’s prior owner using media such as contacts, photos, and applications. The intention is to learn more about the phone’s prior owner. You may find out more about Sam’s life the night before his eighteenth birthday on this phone. You will also discover details about Sam’s relationships, family, and friends. A lot of gamers were drawn in by the game’s prologue, which was written in the form of a smartphone user interface.

Players will enjoy themselves greatly while they investigate the case since they will see a variety of intriguing and thought-provoking photographs. In addition, you can play adventure games with friends around the world while talking and exchanging ideas with other adventure game enthusiasts around the world!

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Playing this game allows players to have fun while honing their data analysis skills. Don’t hesitate to click and download the free mod version!

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