99Vidas V1.0.4 MOD APK (Unlimited Lives)

Name 99Vidas
Publisher QUByte Interactive
Genre Arcade
Size 200M
Version V1.0.4
MOD Info Unlimited Lives
Updated December 18, 2023
Download (200M)

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Application introduction

99Vidas is a fun arcade game published by QUByte Interactive. Every gaming generation has a distinctive logo, and 99Vidas revives them all. 99Vidas is a fighting game that takes place in the present day while also honoring the industry’s classics and innovations. The game, which is presented in a 16-bit pixel style, makes references to both related games and 80s and 90s pop culture. 99Vidas is one of the games that has been well-liked by players since its release because it fully utilizes contemporary gaming mechanics. There are currently six stages in the game and more to come.

Introduce about 99Vidas

There is a special horizontal version of the game called 99Vidas Mod APK. In the game, there are eleven playable characters and five more that can be used in multiplayer mode. You can choose to play the game online or in real life, and it supports up to four players competing or cooperating. You won’t have to worry about going it alone even though you’ll travel to different parts of the world and battle hordes of vicious enemies and merciless bosses. You can play local and online cooperative games with up to three other players to tackle this challenge together.


Game features


99Vidas is a powerful artifact from ancient times that can give humans 99 lives. 99Vidas is so powerful that it has the ability to bring about darkness and make life difficult for all living things. The strength of the dark will lead to the ultimate triumph of evil intentions. That’s why you need soldiers to battle evil and protect the artifacts of 99Vidas. Since the artifact is the most powerful and challenging weapon, the 99 Guardians of Vidas must risk their lives to protect it. More significant than the Guardian is the artifact element’s power. Sadly, the villain has already got it, and now it’s up to you Guardians to stop him.


His empire will keep growing and spreading thanks to the combined might of the evil army and the artifact. As the defender of 99Vidas, you must put an end to evil at all costs. Gather a group of loyal 99 Guardians of Vidas and begin the task of conquering evil. “Punches and kicks” are used to control combat, and certain ICONS are shown on the screen. You can see a standard attack by tapping the Punch icon, for instance, or a slow, potent spell by tapping the Kick icon. Double-click left or right to run.

Furthermore, kicking and sprinting can release various blitzes. To repel enemy attacks, use the Jump key; to stun adversaries, use the Jump and Punch keys to initiate airstrikes; additionally, kicking and jumping can initiate more powerful aerial assaults.


Increases character and weapon levels

Each warrior possesses a distinct set of skills that enhance the effectiveness of their combos, special abilities, and attacks. These skills include speed, strength, and elements such as fire, water, wind, and lightning. The character gains new skills and moves as their level rises and they take down enemies and gather rare items. There are two distinct bonus stages, six tough bosses, and twenty-two playable characters in the game. You have access to a wide range of skills, weaponry, and special attacks, all of which have level-up options.

Wonderful gaming experience

You can play the game alone or with up to four other people in groups of up to four. It has two modes: Campaign and Survivor. Players can explore the plot in the campaign mode while cooperating to fend off waves of progressively tougher foes. An arcade-like scoreboard will show you your current score, try to improve it. The battle is between two and four contestants, and the winner is the one who can endure the longest.

While 99Vidas embraces new ideas, it also carries on the game’s long history. The game’s presentation is a brilliant 16-bit pixel format reminiscent of the 1980s and 1990s pop culture. You can benefit from both the online and offline gaming environments with 99Vidas because of its cutting-edge gaming technology.


Download 99Vidas for Android

Acquire the legendary powers of 99Vidas, vanquish formidable Boss foes, and ultimately triumph!

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