911 Emergency Dispatcher

911 Emergency Dispatcher V1.084 MOD APK (Free Rewards)

Name 911 Emergency Dispatcher
Publisher Supersonic Studios LTD
Genre Role-playing
Size 122M
Version V1.084
MOD Info Free Rewards
Updated December 15, 2023
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Application introduction

911 Emergency Dispatcher is a role-playing game published by Supersonic Studios LTD. In this simulation game, you can act fast to send out rescue workers in case of an emergency. Making the right choices and lending a hand to others is your duty.

Introduce about 911 Emergency Dispatcher

In an emergency or dangerous situation, we all need assistance because society is complicated and full of dangers. 911 Emergency Dispatcher offers you the opportunity to rise to heroic status without the use of magic. In the game, you’ll take care of different emergency scenarios while working as a 911 hotline agent. Enjoy this game’s fun and demonstrate your astute processing abilities.

911 Emergency Dispatcher

Game features


In the unique role-playing simulation game 911 Emergency Dispatcher, you’re placed in an emergency and must decide on the best course of action swiftly and calmly. The person on the other end of the line will call you because you work for the 911 line. Even though every situation is unique, they are all united by one thing: urgency. There might be a scared terrorist, a small child in danger, or just a joker on the other end of the line. Being competent in this demanding job requires not only a quick thinking and tactful response to situations but also sensitivity. Worse things might occur otherwise.

On a computer screen, the majority of 911 emergency dispatches are text messages. In your phone conversation, you will address the other person’s concerns. There will be multiple suggestions in each reply message and your job is to choose and touch the response you desire. Remember that the other person’s safety is primarily dependent on you.

911 Emergency Dispatcher

Multiple cities to choose from

With 911 Emergency Dispatcher, you can work in any city you choose and have access to over 900 cities worldwide. Every city you select has its distinct infrastructure, locations, and roads. You can also visit six cities in Career mode, each with surprising events. Within this system, catastrophes take place in urban areas, such as the San Francisco earthquakes or widespread bombings in Washington, DC. You’ll find solutions to every issue and protect the lives of those in jeopardy. To truly select the correct response, you must exercise patience.

Through this game, you can experience what it feels like to sit in your position and help others. There are times when you can even save their lives when they are in danger or provide guidance and decisions regarding what could be a major catastrophe.

Unlock vehicle

You will be able to unlock certain parts of the car after finishing a task. Following the completion of the unlocking process, you will own the car and be able to use it for emergencies. You can assist more people and broaden the scope of your work with vehicles. You have to handle more emergencies when you unlock one more car. There are twelve different kinds of vehicles, including police cars, fire engines, and emergency vehicles. To solve more challenging cases, gather as many of them as you can.

Rescue assistance from emergency units

As a well-known covert hero, you will receive assistance from all emergency units. All you have to do is sit quietly and give them instructions, and police, nurses, and even firemen will deal with the danger on your behalf. They also have the newest technology and weapons available. In addition to cars, police officers have medical first aid kits or bulletproof vests that nurses can use in emergencies.

911 Emergency Dispatcher

Download 911 Emergency Dispatcher for Android

The player feels at ease with the game thanks to its bright and simple graphics. You just need to tap the chosen card with your finger and wait for a response in this fairly straightforward game design. The game has received a lot of praise for its appeal since it was released. In 911 Emergency Dispatcher, 140 distinct emergency scenarios will be presented for you to handle. You’ll be able to witness the worst disaster in recorded history and rescue people who are in danger.

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