9 Months

9 Months V1.35.2 MOD APK (Unlimited Cell, Nutrition)

Name 9 Months
Publisher Green Panda Games
Genre Simulation
Size 170M
Version V1.35.2
MOD Info Unlimited Cell, Nutrition
Updated December 18, 2023
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Application introduction

9 Months is a mini-game published by Green Panda Games. Are you ready to set out on this incredible adventure? You’ll experience those amazing nine months again! Are you curious about how you were born? Though everyone on the planet is a part of this process, we’re offering you this exceptional chance to relive those moments! Take part in the journey that will change your life and create life itself. To ensure the child’s happy and healthy growth, players will see the baby grow through every stage, from the first cell to the first words.

Introduce about 9 Months

With this game, you can investigate and discover more about your baby’s growth process. You can see the baby’s growth cycle from conception to delivery during these nine months of pregnancy. You will bring your unique emotions and relive your journey through this special game. Now, please take advantage of this holy area, select a gender, and allow your child to grow up happy and healthy. Encourage learning and develop additional objective courses on the human body!

9 Months

Game features


Everyone spends 9 months in the womb, which is the most exciting period of physical development. In the womb, the baby grows and receives nutrients. Developed using exact research into the germination, development, and birth of each baby, 9 Months provides players with a childhood experience, allowing them to relive the entire baby’s growth process. Together with combining practical experiences to recreate the most immediate and useful things to engage users, games also serve to stimulate players’ imaginations and sense of curiosity.

Additionally, by keeping an eye on the infant every day, players can guarantee that it grows up safely and healthily. This game can also be used to explore more knowledge about the mother’s diet and how to make the child grow better. Join the game to witness humanity’s most astounding metamorphosis.

9 months

Explore different areas of knowledge

This game will introduce players to a new field of knowledge. To learn more about the physical aspects of how a child grows and survives in the mother’s womb, users enter a unique 9-month world. For players who want to learn more about pregnancy, the game provides very useful information. We plan to roll out more highlighted events in the future, all under the strict condition of guaranteeing total accuracy and check. This is a game for you if you want to learn more about how a baby grows inside the womb after a woman gets pregnant.

Choose the gender you want to experience

The player can experience any gender they choose on this adventure. You can select a boy or a girl in 9 Months. The player can experience any gender they choose during this journey. Once the baby is born, you can use what you’ve learned to raise your child. Keep in mind that you need to continue exercising regularly and pay close attention to your baby’s health. Unlock accessories, open the mailbox, name the infant appropriately, and raise the cutest child ever. Take up meaningful activities, acquire accurate knowledge for education, and embark on the journey of becoming a true parent.

Are you prepared to be an exemplary parent? How have you prepared yourself? Allow us to walk you through this fascinating plot. In order to improve your parenting skills, work hard to complete the task and you will receive some corresponding rewards. It goes without saying that parenting is challenging, but try not to give up and keep going!

9 months

Download 9 Months for Android

Pregnancy is a magical mystery, and if the baby survives, you assume the role of parent. Looking at the child’s cute appearance, you will feel that all the challenges and labor you have done before are worth it. Through a series of experiences, players will acquire a more detailed and comprehensive understanding of human biology. You can have fun while playing this game in addition to picking up new skills. Remember to leave a remark after every visit to aid in our updating and improvement! 9 Months welcomes players who want to understand how their children emerge, form, and grow.

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