8 Ball Blitz

8 Ball Blitz V1.00.99 MOD APK (Mega Power, Long Line)

Name 8 Ball Blitz
Publisher Special Tag
Genre Sports
Size Special Tag
Version V1.00.99
MOD Info Mega Power, Long Line
Updated December 14, 2023
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Application introduction

8 Ball Blitz is an epic multiplayer 3D 8-ball billiards sports game published by Special Tag. In addition to practicing their billiards skills by attempting to fit every ball into the holes on the table, players can interact with other players in real-time via live online chat in this game. Perhaps the most realistic billiards game ever created is 8 Ball Blitz, which is also one of the most played billiards games worldwide! In this multiplayer billiards game, you can compete with players worldwide and show off your amazing pool skills! Play online games with friends and create online friendships!

Introduce about 8 Ball Blitz

A well-liked billiards game is 8 Ball Blitz. You can compete with players all over the world in this online billiards game! It’s up to you whether you play online games with pals or meet new ones. This excellent casual game includes 8-ball player tournaments in addition to standard 1-on-1 matches and single-player modes! We have more thrilling social features like live chat, club billiards arena, and live billiards waiting for you! Compared to other 8-ball games, this one will provide you with a different kind of joy and glory!

8 Ball Blitz

Game features


Anyone can play this game easily. All the player has to do is pick up the club and start the first shot. In the simple billiards game 8-ball Blitz, your goal is to hit every striped or spotted ball into the pocket. The balls thrown first determine which balls are assigned to you. The player simply drags and clicks to determine the right amount of force, and then sets the cue against the next ball most likely to be hit. It’s important to keep in mind that this is a billiards game, so you must save the 8-ball before scoring every ball to win! You can challenge other players in two-player mode or play single-player against the AI.

8 Ball Blitz

Rich game rewards

You can select the kind of opponent you play against in each game at 8 Ball Blitz. One of Special Tag’s original free sports games is 8 Ball Blitz, an online billiards game. This multiplayer pool game now offers a classic tournament option that allows for one-on-one live matches. You can spin the ball to score it, or you can hit it with ease. Any player who hits eight balls into a pocket first, regardless of method, wins. You can participate in more thrilling social events or have live conversations with other players in the club or billiards arena.

In this fun sports game, you can win treasure chests and prizes. You can obtain unique cues in addition to trophies, which let you play with upgraded cues and improve your technique.

Wonderful game experience

This is a fun sports ball arcade simulation game that also gives you a chance to hit the ball in the city’s pool room! To win the game, pocket cue balls in the billiard room using a billiard cue. The most crucial element of 8 Ball Blitz is the gameplay! Acquire the reputation of an expert eight-ball billiards player by joining a club. You can play billiards with your friends, have conversations with billiards enthusiasts worldwide, and rise to the status of billiards hero. You won’t be able to stop playing this 8-ball game once you start, so download the top table sports version now! You will enjoy yourself immensely whether you prefer 8-ball or snooker.

8 Ball Blitz

Download 8 Ball Blitz for Android

You can play billiards on your Android device with 8 Ball Blitz since it has everything you need. The gameplay is fantastic and will keep you hooked even though it’s simple to understand. Try your hand at becoming the billiards king, please.

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