7Days: Mystery Visual Novel

7Days: Mystery Visual Novel V2.6.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Tickes)

Name 7Days: Mystery Visual Novel
Publisher Buff Studio
Genre Adventure
Size 83M
Version V2.6.1
MOD Info Unlimited Tickes
Updated December 13, 2023
Download (83M)

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Application introduction

7Days: Mystery Visual Novel is an adventure game published by Buff Studio. Have you had enough of formulaic novels? Do you enjoy indie games, choice-based plots, visual novels, and interactive story games? Give 7Days: Mystery Visual Novel a Chance! This is an interactive story game that is free to play and is both a mystery novel! Carefully chosen authors write all of our mysteries and stories. Come experience our story games, which are full of enigmatic and heartwarming plots!

Introduce about 7Days: Mystery Visual Novel

Are you tired of old stories and want to learn more meaningful information, expand your knowledge, and discover new things? With the help of numerous original novels and numerous other enigmatic tales, this game will satisfy all of your needs while teaching you new things. When you are completely engrossed in the amazing plot and relish it, you will feel content and at ease. Let’s now embrace every wonderful thing this game has to offer.


Game features

Make your choice carefully

7Days is a fantastic choice-based mystery game with a compelling story. Depending on what they select, users can construct their own original stories. With its captivating mystery plot and top-notch story gameplay, our story game is optimized for mobile devices. You will read a wide variety of enigmatic content stories in 7Days: Mystery Visual Novel. In each level, you have the option to play as the good guy or the bad guy, and you will have reliable allies.

To make the most engaging storyline experience possible, you can select a character and a particular personality that best suits you based on your own preferences and style of gameplay. Occasionally, you make a decision and a minor alteration that entirely alters the course of events and your destiny. As a result, before acting, consider your options carefully.

Challenging task

In 7 days, you will be given a large number of challenging tasks to keep you occupied every day. They’re hilarious and highly entertaining tasks. You’ll also get better every day and mature more as a result of consistently finishing assignments. All of the tasks can be considered significant challenges for you. But you can handle all of these challenges with ease and speed on your own, without assistance from anyone.



Unique and stylish images

7Days: Mystery Visual Novel features a ton of stylish and original artwork that players will love. The game’s graphics are crystal clear, and there are lots of intriguing characters and details in every scene. For this reason, a lot of players have become interested in it. They are incredibly happy with the manufacturer’s stunning images, which meet all of their requirements for new exploration. Everyone is free to enjoy the fantastic game plot and play the game however they see fit.

Use your creativity to rebuild the storyline

You are free to read through every story in a novel in your own way. Let’s start over with a fresh plot and an alternative play design. You can accomplish this if you have strong learning and narrative comprehension skills. Furthermore, each player’s intelligence and the enigmatic gameplay are key factors in the game’s brilliance. Clever individuals are always aware of the most adaptable and nimble ways to handle different scenarios in a story. Regardless of how challenging a problem is, they are always proactive and know how to solve it. Through this game, you are sure to gain more experience and improve your acting skills.


Download 7Days: Mystery Visual Novel for Android

You can play thrilling adventure games on 7Days and take part in a variety of narratives. Furthermore, upon accomplishing the objectives in the game, you will be bestowed with exquisite and significant presents. Explore new stories by downloading this free game!

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