7Billion Zombies – AFK Heros

7Billion Zombies – AFK Heros V1.4.9 MOD APK (Menu: Damage/God Mode)

Name 7Billion Zombies – AFK Heros
Genre Role-playing
Size 1.2G
Version V1.4.9
MOD Info Menu: Damage/God Mode
Updated December 13, 2023
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Application introduction

7Billion Zombies – AFK Heros is a role-playing game published by SUPER CANDY. To destroy zombies all across the world, players will take control of the strongest team in the world as they engage in a heroic battleground. Bring together the mightiest army and triumph with your own astute strategies!

Introduce about 7Billion Zombies – AFK Heros

Have you ever considered the possibility that the majority of people on Earth became zombies? In that case, would the earth be destroyed? In the 7Billion Zombies, you will have to find solutions for each of these issues. It is a strategy game with some auto-combat features. Through the 7Billion Zombies, players will become lost in the fantastical zombie world and have an entirely new experience. It is your task to find the source of everything and return the world to its original peaceful state using skill and clever strategy.

7Billion Zombies

Game features


The world has descended into chaos and nearly everyone on Earth has become a zombie as a result of the horrible virus. This led to the emergence of a massive zombie army, and the game’s title refers to the number of zombies – 7 billion. There are many different names and types of zombies. Since zombies are people who have been transformed, every zombie is unique in terms of appearance and traits. Zombies are scary in their appearance, their attack style, and their ability to infect anyone they come in contact with.

They will congregate in groups, and your team will face off against legions of zombies at every level. Because there are numerous stages in the game, the zombies’ power will progressively grow. However, it is impossible to eliminate every one of the 7 billion zombies. Therefore, in order to save humanity, you must strive to explore the secrets of zombie growth and development.

7Billion Zombies


Since players can’t defeat powerful hordes of zombies on their own, you’ll have to build a strong team to fight the zombies. Players can select from hundreds of characters with a variety of skills and specialties in 7Billion Zombies – AFK Heroes. Your team can be made up of many heroes. Select the person who possesses the qualities you desire after reading the character introduction and learning about each character’s traits. It is important to note that the number of levels per level is limited. You must recruit more players before starting a new level in order to ensure that your party has the appropriate number of members for the fight.

Develop a good strategy

By gathering items that are dropped during zombie battles, players can level up their squad. A higher level corresponds to an improved actual combat ability. However, for big bosses, it is not enough to simply upgrade your squad. You need to create a sensible and practical battle plan. Create strategies for the team’s characters, including attack stances, formations, and weaponry. The fighting will be done automatically, so you won’t have to exert any control over the characters. As a result, having an effective strategy is essential to your success.

Explore the zombie world

Zombies are everywhere in the world, and there are plenty of places to explore. The goal of the 7 Billion Zombies map is to travel through new continents and regions to explore the world in the 7Billion Zombies. You can interact socially and engage in combat with other characters and squads. A ranking of the top teams in the world and in the region will be released. You can find out which squad you’re in right here. You can defeat zombie armies more often by strengthening your defenses and improving your tactics. Your team’s ranking in the world rankings can only be improved in this way.

7Billion Zombies

Download 7Billion Zombies – AFK Heros

Protecting the world from the virus is your ultimate objective in 7 Billion Zombies . Try to locate the point of infection spread, solve the enigma, and locate the virus’s antidote!

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