7 Wonders DUEL

7 Wonders DUEL V1.2.1 MOD APK (Full Game)

Name 7 Wonders DUEL
Publisher Repos Production
Genre Strategy
Size 140M
Version V1.2.1
MOD Info Full Game
Updated December 13, 2023
Download (140M)

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Application introduction

7 Wonders DUEL is a strategy game published by Repos Production. Players take turns selecting available cards from the game structure in 7 Wonders DUEL, an adaptation of the well-known 7 Wonders DUEL board game. The structures on these maps are those he plans to utilize in his city. The game features a variety of building types, including resource-producing, commercial, military, scientific, and civil buildings. In this situation, each of your friends may challenge you, but you also need to accept their challenge. Are you confident that you can guide a civilization, see it thrive, and outperform your rivals?

Introduce about 7 Wonders DUEL

This is a contemporary take on a strategy game. The player’s progression is represented by the three stages that make up the game. A player who has the most victory points at the end of the current era wins the game when the final card is played. On the board, intriguing things will occur, and each player is free to choose their own destiny. Your name will show up on the renowned leaderboard of the game if you win. Come play 7 Wonders DUEL with your friends!

7 Wonders DUEL

Game features

Immersion rules of the game

There can only be two players per match, and matches will alternate on the board. These two men are a symbol of a team’s strength and tenacity. Participants will play with great enthusiasm and represent their team. In order to win the game, the player must show that they can seize the initiative and decisively defeat the opposition. 7 Wonders DUEL opponents will be chosen at random to take part in the competition.

Every match will consist of three rounds, and we will play from the first round to the third round as originally scheduled. Each round also includes a stage where we need to develop our strengths as quickly as possible. It’s interesting to note that there will be buildings at every stage, and the winner is the one with the largest building advantage. We will be able to select a random card by winning each quiz and challenge.

7 Wonders DUEL


There are three ways for players to win 7 Wonders DUEL in the game. To find out if they are the first or last, each player will draw one card in turn. We’ll shuffle every miracle card to prevent needless tricks. You get to pick a card and flip it over to see which puzzle fits the building if you are first. Your chances of winning increase with the number of puzzles involved.

Every successfully obtained military card advances a military marker in the direction of the opponent’s capital and awards a prize at a designated spot. You win the game right away if you get to your opponent’s capital. In the same way, you get a scientific advantage and win right away if you manage to get any six of the seven distinct scientific symbols. Players must compute their chances of winning with skill. At the end of the game, the player with the most points wins if none of the aforementioned scenarios occur.

Explore more mysteries

You can construct the miracle more quickly the more featured cards you win. To gain the privilege of drawing opposing cards, players can take advantage of the 7 Wonders DEUL’s goal suggestions. Next, the player will flip the card to match their miracle after drawing the desired card. Whoever has the highest winning percentage at the end of the game can advance to the next round. To help players keep the game fresh, 7 Wonders DUEL produces fun and fascinating content, with each miracle revealing more secrets.

7 Wonders DUEL

Download 7 Wonders DEUL for Android

Enter the 7 Wonders DUEL game and have a full-on match with your friends. Take the opportunity to select and draw featured wonder cards and compete with players from around the world to reach the top of the leaderboard!

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