5 best travel apps for Android!


Do you want a long trip?Looking travel agents?If you have a smart phone,I don’t think you need helps from travel agent.Because It’s 2018,you have all the necessary tools for making your trip look like a breeze.

I found some apps from play store which help you to find your place and make your trip awesome.If you are going abroad,you must need a powerful VPN.Because some of the country don’t allowed your internet connection.

If you don’t facing this problem use VPN.It’s really helps you access internet from anywhere.Because in abroad,you need internet connection for finding your destiny.In this article,I’m sharing with you my “Top 5 Best Travel Apps for Android”.SO let’s GO..



Skyscanner is one of the top travel apps ever.Because they compare your flight tickets,hotel and rent car.In this app,you can easily find out which travel agents are suitable for you.

For this,you give your infromation like where are you,where you want to visit and how much you want to pay for it.And most importantly,you journey date.

In this apps you can find the cheapest deals information and you ca also gent notification when the price changes.I think you can find best deal plan for you.

Over one million people download this app from google play store.You can get this app from both play store and IOS.

I specially thanks to the apps developer for making this great app for me.I love this app very much because it save my money which really motivated me for more tour.

If you have faced any kind of problem using this apps,I prefer you to visit their official website and contact the support team.They are always ready to support you anytime.You also get more necessary information by visiting their website.



Airbnd is one of the trusted name for traveling.Because they provide you the cheapest deals and so many exclusive information which helps you make a great trip.In this apps, you can find all kinds of information about travelling.

You can also get travel information where travel is illegal.They offers your best deal at a cheap price.If you want to know more information about your tour just give some your personal information.

Like your tour date,where you are now and where you want to go.In this app,you can choose from over 4 million vacation home rentals across 191+ countries.

You also can find best price, neighborhood, amenities, and more by searching.Today over 5 million  people enjoy this apps.You can download this apps from both play store and IOS.

But this app is so expensive.I’m only using this app because there’s a lot of guests. But I think their fees are too expensive for me (let’s suppose the value without fees are $100. Airbnb charges the client $115 and you receive $97) – it’s even more expensive than a common real Estate house.



Uber is one of the best ride sharing apps where you can easily make money for sharing ride.It’s one of the reliable for rent bike,car for a minutes.This app is is finding you better ways to move, work, and succeed.

You can get both take a service and give a service from Uber.Across more than  800 cities uber is available.It’s really unbelievable.Simply say WOW!I’m satisfied to use their service.

My 1st Time Using Uber In A City I Didn’t Know.I was out of town and Uber really came through like calling a cousin to pick you up and drive you anywhere you need to go..

I have to give their services a 100% satisfaction A+.Today over 5 million people use this apps by installing it in their smartphone.

You can also download it from both play store and ISO.If you have faced any kind of problem using this app,I prefer you to go their customer support service.I think they fix your problem as soon as possible.Don’t forget to share your Uber experience with me.


4.Google Map

Google Map is created by google.It’s own tools of google for their user.You can  find anyplace from anywhere by using google map.It’s reliable.You can trust their information blindly.It is one of the best apps for finding and explore.

Suppose,you want to go a place where you don’t know about this place.Even you don’t which transport go there and how much time actually need for going.Google map give you all kind of information about these place.

How much time for wailing,for bus and so on.It give and a part part information about your destiny.You can also find traffic situation by using apps.It’s give you 100% correct information.So many ride sharing use this apps for their business purpose.

Today over 10 trillion people enjoy this apps by installing it form play store.You can also download it from both google play store and ISO.

I used this app all the time for getting around on the buses. for the most part, it was reliable. Now, I choose my route, it tells me to leave at a time that is a whole half hour before it is saying the bus comes at.

So I click on the bus to show the times the bus comes at, and it displays buses.



If you are really looking the cheapest price for plane ticket,hotel and transport,I think “Kayak” is one of the best name for it.It searches hundreds of other travel sites so you don’t have to.

It really helps you for booking the perfect flight, hotel or rental car and save your money with mobile-only rates and Private Deals.You can’t find as cheaper than kayak.

You just need to put your trip budget,Kayak helps you not only find the best deals and also provide your trip plan.Because Kayak is also private trip planner.

You also notify when your budgeted plan is published.They also suggest your when you should to for a trip.

Today over one million people enjoy this apps by installing it from play store.You can also download this app from both play store and ISO.

I specially thank to the apps developer for making this supper travel apps for me.You can also visit kayak official website for more information.I think it one of the easiest app for traveling.I prefer you to use this app for making a great trip.Don’t forget to share your own experience using Kayak with me.

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