5 best office apps for Android

Office apps are a valuable center of productivity for several years.We use them for a variety of reasons,including prepare spreadsheets and presentation and keep way of what’s moving on.Productivity suite is not complete without those apps.

Everybody uses them virtually.The last few years,the office suite look has changed very little.However,in this article I’m trying my to give you a clear concept about those.And also try to give to you some tips & tricks. So lest’s Start.


1.Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is one of the popular office suite apps for android.I use it since when I first use personal computer.

I think it’s really helpful for anyone specially office purpose.Recently,Microsoft Office is available for android user.Microsoft Office offers MS Word,MS Excel,Ms PowerPoint,MS Outlook, and so on.

If you want to write any kinds of text like CV,Letter,Information,you can try MS Word.In MS Excel it’s offer all kinds of math calculation and also see the graph.

MS PowerPoint is really great for presentation.Students and job holder always need make a presentation for different purpose.You can make a presentation easily using MS PowerPoint.

If you want to unlock some additional features,Microsoft offers an Office 365 subscription.

I love Microsoft Word.This is taking place of my daily journal writing.It’s really awesome for anyone.I think you don’t face any kind of problem using this app but if you have faced any kind of problem using this app.

I prefer you to visit the official website of this app and contact the app support team.They can always ready to support you anytime.You can also you can share your own user experience with me.


2..Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft Remote Desktop basically helps you to connect to a remote Personal Computer.It means,you can access your PC using your android mobile.Simply,you can control everything of your Personal Computer.

It doesn’t fact where you are and where your PC.Microsoft Remote Desktop offers Access remote PC running Windows Professional, Connect remotely through a Remote Desktop Gateway, Secure connection to your data and applications, High quality video and audio streaming.

Most of the time this apps work really great. I specially thanks to the app developer for making this create apps.I’m trying my best to give you clear concept about this apps.

I think you don’t face any kind of problem using this app but if you have faced any kind of problem using this app.I prefer you to visit the official website of this app and contact the app support team.They can always ready to support you anytime.You can also you can share your own user experience with me.




OfficeSuite is one of the best OfficeSuite apps.It is a long time favorite for many people.Over One million people download it from google play store.Recently,this app is changed a lots.At present,this app offer cloud storage which is not available before.In the free version you can enjoy most of the basic features like familiar desktop-style interface,Full compatibility with Microsoft formats ,Support for PDF files,PDF security and editing,MobiSystems Drive and so on,The latest updates of OfficeSuites,you can chat with your friends and share your file easily.

I think it’s pretty cool for sharing your  files.You can also use Security features – work with password protected files,Export PDFs to Word, Excel,convert any file to PDF,Cross-platform license for Windows, iOS and Android (OfficeSuite Personal license).

You only use it when you able to use premium version of officesuite.For this purpose, they offer $29.99 per Year for individual users.

You can also check $49.99 per Year where they give 5 licences.I think it’s the most expensive app for office work.

I suggest you try free version.I think you can do your all kinds of work using this free version.If you have faced any kind of problem using this apps.I prefer you to visit their website and take support from their supporting team.They are always ready to help you anytime.You can also share your user experience in my comment box.


4.Polaris Office

Polaris Office is look like a Office Suite. It’s interface is so common.Polaris Office offers create documents in a free and secure manner in different devices.You can use it for both personal and business purpose. I think this apps isn’t a simple or small.Because In this apps you can find ton of features.It’s supported File Formats : DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, PPS, PPSX, TXT, HWP, ODT and PDF,18 global languages including English, French, Arabic, Japanese, Russian and so on.

In this app,you can find a default cloud but also available other cloud service like  Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive.You can open  all file formats such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Spreadsheet, Microsoft PowerPoint, Slide, and Google Docs.It’s Quick and Easy Access for Anytime, Anywhere and Any device.

Polaris Office offers a free version with a limited features.If you want to unlock more features,you have to pay  $3.99 and $5.99 per month subscriptions.

If you want to use premium version between Office Suite and Polaris Office.I prefer,you can try Polaris Office because it’s similar to Office Suite and the monthly subscription is less than Office Suite.

Over one million download people download and install it on their smart phone.You can also download it from google play store.If you have faced any kind of problem using this app,I prefer you visit their official website and contact their support team.They are always ready to help you anytime.



5.WPS Office And PDF

WPS Office is one of the most popular office apps for android.Over one million people install this app from google play store.I personally use this apps.It’s really work quickly and it’s one of the easiest office app for android.

You can upload your file in their cloud storage and it’s support High compatibility with Microsoft Office( Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Txt), Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slide, Adobe PDF and OpenOffice format.

You can speed up this apps just install Ultra-small installation package.You can also design your project using there templates where you can find Thousands of templates.You can also Store any and every file.

You can access files anytime, anywhere from your desktop and mobile devices.I specially thank to the apps developer team for making this great apps for me.You can also download it from google play store.

You can use it both in your android mobile and your Desktop computer.I recommended you use this apps.Because it’s absolutely free for your official work.They also offer premium version.If you wan unlock more features,you can buy premium version of this apps.


However,I’m trying my best to give you a clear information of those apps.In this article,I really try to break every single parts of those apps.

I think you can understand which app you should use or not use.You can also find me in Facebook,Twitter,Instagram and YouTube.

Hopefully,you enjoy this article.If this article really helps you,I request you can share it with your friends and family.

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