4 GUNS V1.04 MOD APK (God Mode, One Hit, Ammo)

Name 4 GUNS
Publisher GS Games Studio
Genre Action
Size 359M
Version V1.04
MOD Info God Mode, One Hit, Ammo
Updated December 11, 2023
Download (359M)

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Application introduction

4 GUNS is a unique action shooter game published by GS Games Studio. Are you a fan of action games with a shooting theme? Entering a sizable arena, players must select the appropriate weaponry, demonstrate their sniping prowess, and vanquish ferocious zombies. In this game, waves of ferocious zombies will attack you, and your goal is to survive until the timer goes out.

Introduce about 4 GUNS

Zombies with a particular virus have taken over our planet. When you are about to pass away and your life is at stake, what should you do? Most people decide to take any necessary action to preserve their lives. There are numerous hazards in this game because bloodthirsty monsters have invaded your world. To defeat a number of monsters and restore peace to the planet, you must use your power along with a variety of weapons and ammo. It will be an amazing battle to survive and fight for your life. Your goal is to eliminate monsters with unique abilities throughout the world. Discover each zombie’s optimal plan of attack in this battle.


Game features


In 4 GUNS, you can easily have fun and demonstrate your strength. Players must assemble a group of four courageous characters and start working together on cooperative missions in order to defeat a variety of monsters with ease. You can use the money you get from finishing a mission to purchase ammo or extra lives for future missions. In the game, your bunker is your option menu, which you can explore while completing missions. You can purchase new weapons or avatar skins, check your outstanding missions, and more while you’re inside the bunker. Your teammates and you will collaborate as much as you can to devise the ideal plan of attack in this first-person shooter.

Different difficulty levels

Players will experience a wide range of difficulty levels, and there will be numerous hazards in each level. There are numerous other monsters you must vanquish in addition to the boss in each challenge. The number of vicious, bloodthirsty monsters in this game is endless. There are many vicious zombies that will prevent you from winning and you must use your strongest weapons to eliminate them. Blind spots are places where they can attack you, so you need to be aware of them. When dealing with those enormous monsters, even a minor error can result in death. Every enemy is different, and some monsters even have instantaneous healing abilities.


Powerful weapon system

In a shooting game, the weapon is an essential tool. 4 Guns offers an effective weaponry system for combating the adversary. There are also a ton of different types of enemies, such as filthy zombies and a variety of evil monsters. Since each monster has a unique weakness, the player must use a variety of weapons when attacking them. In order to defeat the enemy, you must also know when to assign teammates and how to select the most potent weapons. Since weapons can be combined, you must learn how to do so in order to defeat numerous opponents at once.

More rich experiences

When playing in multiplayer, this game offers the most thrilling shooting action. A team of four distinct characters is formed by players in multiplayer mode. Every weapon has special advantages of its own. You can use any of these tools. A growing number of dangerous monsters surface as the level goes on. These warped creatures are incredibly strong and capable of regeneration in 4 GUNS. To keep the world peaceful, you have to defeat a dirty wave of zombies. The open space also has a ton of undiscovered places that are worth exploring.


Download 4 GUNS for Android

With its straightforward but vibrant visuals, 4 GUNS is an entertaining game. Playing around with the challenging gameplay is still highly recommended. Survive and fight off zombies until time runs out!

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