3DTuning V3.7.779 MOD APK (Unlocked All Content)

Name 3DTuning
Publisher 3DTuning
Genre Simulation
Size 86M
Version V3.7.779
MOD Info Unlocked All Content
Updated December 08, 2023
Download (86M)

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Application introduction

3DTuning is a 3D vehicle configuration tool in addition to a car simulator game. With 3DTuning, you can personalize hundreds of cars, trucks, and bikes to see realistic quality and detail you’ve never seen before. You can easily create a car that perfectly suits your style with our extensive selection of automotive parts, custom features, and design options. Since its launch, 3Dtuning has garnered attention and trust from a large number of individuals due to its modernity and versatility.

Introduce about 3DTuning

Players will be amazed by the number of famous cars in the game with exquisite detail and will be able to appreciate them carefully. There are over a thousand excellent car models in the game. The game’s 3D and modern graphics are striking, and the cars are designed to be very realistic. You can use this app for projects involving the design and construction of cars at work. This is the place where gamers and car lovers can combine their passion for cars to new heights. You can create the car of your dreams with this game, which offers an immersive car customization experience that satisfies your need for speed and personalization.


Game features

Customize the car you like

The personalization choices that 3DTuning provides are its true selling point. To make the car appear more aesthetically pleasant, you can select the newest model and redesign the exterior. There are countless ways to turn your chosen car into a unique work of art with the variety of customized parts available in the game, such as body kits, rims, hoods, spoilers, and exhaust systems. This game is suitable for both new users and experienced players, as the interface is user-friendly and enjoyable. In order to allow each player to customize their own driving experience based on their own preferences, the MOD also offers a variety of modifications to suspension, engine performance, and braking.

Since each person has unique tastes and levels of creativity, they are all free to design the car in the way that best suits them. You will design and manufacture high-quality products with a fresh perspective and some of your own automotive design expertise.


Amazing graphic detail

3DTuning is distinguished by its exquisite graphics and meticulous attention to detail. The game features intricate parts, realistic reflections, and realistic textures for the vehicles. Every refit feels smooth and looks good, whether it’s modifying the body kit or perfecting the paint. In addition, the game features a plethora of brand-new 20th and 21st-century models, and the collection of exquisite and well-known automobiles keeps growing. Widely recognized brands like Ford, BMW, and Lamborghini contribute to the visual appeal and give players a variety of options. While playing the game, players can learn new things about car functions and styles in addition to admiring a variety of vibrant and unique cars.

Realistic driving experience

Furthermore, 3DTuning offers a realistic driving experience in addition to immersive customization options. Players are allowed to experience driving a custom car thanks to the physics engine’s accurate simulation of the vehicle’s movement. In addition to the visual effects, the engine’s sound and RPM are also meticulously simulated, which heightens the sense of realism. This game can provide players with an unmatched level of thrill, whether they’re racing on a track or driving on the open road.

High interactivity

On the game’s online platform, users can showcase their customized vehicles, engage with other enthusiasts, and even take part in virtual car shows and competitions. The game is made even more enjoyable by its social component, which lets users collaborate on projects, get ideas from other players, and compete in friendly matches to show off their driving prowess. There is always new content and ideas to explore thanks to an active and expanding community.

Download 3DTuning for Android

The game provides players with an unmatched level of immersion thanks to its amazing graphics, abundance of customization options, realistic driving, and active online community. This game will help you create an infinite number of stylish new car models according to your preferences, so don’t overlook it if you’re looking to establish your own brand.

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