3D Driving Class

3D Driving Class V29.6 MOD APK (Unlocked Cars)

Name 3D Driving Class
Publisher John 3:16
Genre Simulation
Size 640M
Version V29.6
MOD Info Unlocked Cars
Updated December 07, 2023
Download (640M)

APP screenshot

Application introduction

3D Driving Class is a simulation game published by John 3:16. To improve the app, we will continuously update it so that you can practice it correctly in the game. The game has been updated with the new points deduction items and content. To use certain vehicles, click the YoutubeGo video button to unlock them. If you see that your video is a little stuck and keeps loading, try applying Accelerator.

3D Driving Class

Introduce about 3D Driving Class

The 3D Driving Class uses realistic animation mechanisms to give the player complete control over the vehicle. Additionally, it makes use of several realistic systems to enhance the driving experience and provide the player with a more immersive and familiar experience. This simulator allows you to test your driving abilities. Players can master the skill of parking in different directions through this game, including vertical, diagonal, backward, and so on. It also offers a large number of visually appealing online servers that players of all ages can enjoy. Players can freely choose to control the most beautiful and special cars to practice.

Game features

Rich gameplay

You can practice your driving skills in the game, learn basic traffic laws, and navigate crowded streets at amazing speeds while trying to avoid obstacles in the way. It has an abundance of automobiles, including Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and many other luxury brands. In the game, you can operate motorcycles and other vehicles in addition to cars. Numerous obstacles and in-built driving lessons are present throughout the player’s entire course or driving career. They make the gameplay and content more engaging and accessible for all players by customizing their level design or difficulty based on the player’s current skill level. When they finally reach the basics of each level, they move on and encounter increasingly challenging driving levels.

Realistic game design

The initial impression that the player gets upon entering the game is that every aspect of the environment and game design is incredibly realistic. Since it follows the format or methodology of Korean driving schools, a lot of driving regulations are subject to frequent changes based on varying circumstances or content. The vehicles in the game have realistic looks and precise control systems. Therefore, it can be easily operated even at high speeds. There are many vehicles in the game, including trucks and motorcycles. Regretfully, the game does not incorporate weather, which can make driving even more difficult. The driving task or challenge has a certain depth that lets the player fully appreciate the brilliance of a driving simulation game.

3D Driving Class

The game controls correspond to real cars

The 3D Driving Class’s control mechanisms have been thoughtfully created to provide the player with a realistic experience. Each button and feature on the control panel is modeled after an actual car. Regardless of the kind of car they are driving, players can take control of it from a first-person perspective, which makes the experience more realistic and novel. The game’s cars are amazing in terms of both performance and appearance, in addition to the fantastic gameplay. Every aspect of the look has been well thought out and every detail is very realistic, elegant, and modern. Because every car has a unique control system rather than being unified into a single style, the gameplay feels more immersive.

Good interactive environment

It is also commendable that the image of the 3D Driving Class captures everything as authentically and in a distinctive way as possible. These comprise the tiniest environmental elements that impact the vehicle’s appearance, such as buildings, NPCs, and other details.  The most thrilling feature is that it reflects the element of complete freedom of exploration by allowing players to view the surrounding landscape from the viewpoint of a car or on foot.

3D Driving Class

Download 3D Driving Class for Android

3D Driving Class is one of the best and most dynamic driving simulation games. Impressive features include the realistic feel of operating a range of vehicles, rich gameplay, and excellent gameplay details.

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