33RD: Random Defense

33RD: Random Defense V3.9.5 MOD APK (Mega Menu)

Name 33RD: Random Defense
Publisher Wondersquad
Genre Strategy
Size 120M
Version V3.9.5
MOD Info Mega Menu
Updated December 07, 2023
Download (120M)

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Application introduction

33RD: Random Defense is a strategy game published by Wondersquad. Are you trying to find a tactical tower battle game with an engaging action RPG? Would you like to play some of the top idle defense games to fend off enemy invasions? You’ll find a realistic defense system with adorable animals in 33RD: Random Defense, along with a cute but interesting animal battlefield. To construct their own army, players must combine a variety of items. Furthermore, in this game, luck plays a crucial role. This survival battle game will delight you for hours every day. Players will need to practice their tactical tower combat skills throughout the game to defend against invading enemies at each level.

Introduce about 33RD: Random Defense

In the thrilling strategy game 33RD, you must repel enemies that keep popping up. There are many surprises in this game, including 33 different animals’ special attacks. To win, you must defeat every enemy. When you let your guard down, animals will come out of nowhere and attack you, so you must concentrate on defending yourself and escaping the encircling circle! Are you prepared for the hardest action-packed role-playing game online to date? Build an army of magicians and animals, then engage in combat to win the Tactical Tower Defense game!


Game features


In this game, the best elements of a traditional tower defense game and a merger game are combined. Various enemies are constantly moving around the game screen, and you must lead your troops to attack them. In contrast to other tower defense games, enemies in this game don’t have a final destination. They will continue to circle the turret instead. You have to kill the monsters quickly because you will run out of health if the total number of monsters on the screen reaches a certain amount.

Developing the right strategy

You’ll assemble an army of animals and magicians in this game. The mage will possess unique abilities and spells, which you can enhance to further increase their potency. The army of animals under the control of the system will confront your army of animals. If you arm them with weapons, sparks, and other equipment, the combat power will increase significantly and the difference in numbers between you and the system’s army of animals will not be an issue. Your army needs to be on the defensive at all times in this animal arena. You need to constantly be on the lookout because the animal army can attack at any time. To win every battle, let’s devise wise and effective strategies!


Luck is crucial

You need to know that in 33RD, your troops will deploy randomly when you call them. You can’t command them to be fixed where you want them to be. However, you can reposition them by using energy gems to better fit your defense strategy. Thankfully, there are also actions you can take to increase your strength. For example, merging two troops of the same type will result in their rank being upgraded.

Different levels and game modes

The game 33RD: Random Defense offers various game modes, including dual mode, Special mode, cooperative tactical combat simulation mode, and a single-player tower defense simulator, along with up to 33 different attack types. Every mode is unique and has its own charms. For this reason, you should carefully read the mode introduction before launching into any new mode and select the one you want to play the most. The single-player mode contains more than 100 distinct levels. In addition, PvP combat and cooperative defense modes are also interesting. The overall goal of the game remains the same, but there are gradually more enemies later in the game, so you need to form a cohesive team of animals.


Download 33RD: Random Defense for Android

Animal Arena is a game that will always be popular because of its amazing story, straightforward graphics, and surprising elements that prevent players from growing bored.

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