3 Minute Heroes

3 Minute Heroes V1.44 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Name 3 Minute Heroes
Publisher Sinkhole Studio
Genre Strategy
Size 354M
Version V1.44
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Updated December 07, 2023
Download (354M)

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Application introduction

3 Minute Heroes is a real-time strategy game published by Sinkhole Studio. Since its release, players have adored the game because of its rich and varied gameplay, which combines the three genres of tower defense, card building, and rogue-like. By putting the right units on the field and using the right cards, you can stop wave after wave of vicious monsters. Join 3 Minute Heroes to ensure the security of your house!

Introduce about 3 Minute Heroes

In the entertaining and action-packed game 3 Minute Heroes, your goal is to defend your castle from enemy invasion by calling heroes into battle. In the addictive and thrilling game 3 Minute Heroes, your goal is to defend your castle from enemy invasions by calling heroes into battle. With its unique and easy gameplay and gorgeous and eye-catching game interface, the game offers the player an amazing gaming experience.

3 Minute Heroes

Game features


Players can easily become engrossed in 3 Minute Heroes thanks to its easy-to-understand gameplay. To score more points, players must eliminate as many opponents as they can. You will also obtain numerous worthwhile rewards upon finishing the mission. Later in the game, the points and rewards you receive will come in handy. Based on the hero you select, enemies drop different kinds of treasure. If you want to use them, click on them. You can either add new loot or increase the rate at which already-existing loot drops by selecting “Adjusting loot”. As you become more proficient with your game operations, your level will gradually rise along with your attack and defense abilities, which will make your battle easier.

3 Minute Heroes

20 unique and interesting heroes

There are many distinct and lovely characters in 3 Minute Heroes for players to enjoy. There can be as many as 20 heroes in total, and each has unique abilities and card combinations.

To protect your house, you can select two heroes at the start of the game based on your personal tastes. The combination of heroes affects the game’s style. Combine your hero cards to make your hero more powerful and awesome! You can find out each hero’s specialty in the Warrior Training log if you’re unsure about their abilities. Utilizing each hero’s expertise will greatly increase your combat effectiveness.

The game’s cards and characters are made to look like adorable cartoon characters. The player finds the game more engaging when the monsters are well-designed. The fight scene is made even more exciting by the use of colorful moves.

400 different cards

Over 20 distinct heroes and over 400 card variations are available for players to select from at will. Every card has a function and can be used to assist the player in attacking enemy invaders using abilities like freezing, burning, shooting, and so forth. You may worry that there are so many cards that you don’t know how to use them at the right time. However, since the cards that are visible in each game are restricted to the chosen hero, you don’t need to be familiar with every card. Furthermore, there are unique cards that can only be found in Hard mode! Both novice and expert players should take advantage of this fantastic opportunity.

Rich levels

The card design is incredibly adorable as well. The game provides a ton of fresh and interesting levels to ensure that players have an amazing time playing. The game is played in 12 rounds, each lasting three minutes. Numerous monsters and bosses from six distinct factions are present in the game: slime, goblins, ghosts, goblins, demons, and dragons. For bosses and monsters, there are multiple modes. You have the option to upgrade your deck at the end of each round by selecting one of three rewards.

3 Minute Heroes

Download 3 Minute Heroes for Android

Do you want to experience a fun and exciting game? Download 3 Minute Heroes, do your best to complete the task, and earn valuable rewards!

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