20 Minutes Till Dawn (Full)

20 Minutes Till Dawn (Full) V3.2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Name 20 Minutes Till Dawn (Full)
Publisher Erabit Studios
Genre Action
Size 70M
Version V3.2
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Updated December 01, 2023
Download (70M)

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Application introduction

20 Minutes Till Dawn (Full) is a dark-action RPG published by Erabit Studios. As heroes, weapons, and skills level up, players can enhance the gunfight action and have a positive gameplay experience.

20 Minutes Till Dawn (Full)

Introduce about 20 Minutes Till Dawn (Full)

A shooter role-playing game akin to Van Saba, 20 Minutes Till Dawn blends a plethora of weapons and heroic attributes with improved attacks via skill advancement. The range of attack techniques available to players is vast, and as skills are released, so is the selection of heroes and weaponry. Players can combine skills to create powerful advanced skills, and each stage of the skill power increase is unique. Let’s take out the enemy in one blow!

Game features


You can combine different attack strategies with the right abilities. Even though the game is based on the Van Saba system, it’s important to remember that attacks can be manipulated according to your own ideas. In addition to shooting in the direction of the slide, players can also release their fingers to avoid attacks and choose to move. To activate auto aim and fire, just press and hold the right side of the screen. You can quickly flee by swiping left on the screen, as you will move more slowly during an attack.

Additionally, since this is a firearm, it is designed to reload after a predetermined number of bullets have been fired. Get experience points from enemies’ dropped items to raise your level, and select and learn skills at random to boost your attack strength.

Develop the right combination strategy

There are countless combinations of heroes and guns and combinations between attack skills that enhance your own marksmanship or add more options. In other words, you can find your favorite fighting style by combining guns and heroes as mentioned earlier. Although heroes can possess a wide range of skills, some are naturally adept at attacking. But we have to remember that strengths and weaknesses go hand in hand, and having strong skills can lead to lower HP. Furthermore, it is crucial to combine firearms because, while rapid fire is quick, its single-shot attack capability is limited, and reloading takes a while.

20 Minutes Till Dawn (Full)

Familiarize yourself with each hero

Once they are familiar with each hero, players can combine heroes that have special skills and weapons. You will initially select a hero and a gun, but you can only select one at first. The more money that is spent, the more heroes and weapons that can be used. Different heroes have different HP and special abilities, which can be combined with firearms of similar capability to create a variety of fighting styles.

Amazing advanced skills

Advanced abilities will progressively emerge later in the game and are incredible! Players can acquire extremely potent “advanced skills” by combining particular abilities. Your fighting prowess will unexpectedly increase if you learn it, but, as with the heroes and weapons previously mentioned, it is not without its drawbacks. Reloading is instantaneous, but be aware that you can only fire one bullet at a time. The bullets will all significantly boost your firepower when you use them, so even a single bullet can turn the tide of battle if you can acquire it quickly.

Exquisite 2D-pixel art

The game’s 2D-pixel art does a good job of capturing the gloomy atmosphere overall. While the weirdness of the enemy is amazing, the expression of light and shadow is also beautiful, such as the spotlight focusing only on the main character. Of course, in 20 Minutes Till Dawn, not only is the pixel art as a whole very refined, but the actions of each character are also a highlight.

20 Minutes Till Dawn (Full)

Download 20 Minutes Till Dawn (Full) for Android

20 Minutes Till Dawn is an action game with gorgeous graphics, a wealth of characters, and powerful weaponry. Download it right away, play it with friends, and have fun!

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