1LINE V2.2.45 MOD APK (Unlimited Hints, Unlocked Level)

Name 1LINE
Publisher X-Flow
Genre Board
Size 24M
Version V2.2.45
MOD Info Unlimited Hints, Unlocked Level
Updated November 30, 2023
Download (24M)

APP screenshot

Application introduction

1LINE is a board game published by X-Flow that has been very popular with players since its release. There are many fascinating brainteaser packs and daily challenges in this entertaining one-button game. You can activate your brain with this brain game in just a few minutes each day. You can play this brain training game anywhere, whether it’s at home or work, in the park or on the bus!

Introduce about 1LINE

Some of the puzzles in 1LINE are only solved by 1% of the total population. Numerous difficult game packs are available for free, and they’re also entertaining. Are you confident of completing them? You can also train your mind by doing smart brain puzzles with daily challenges. Of course, you won’t have to worry if you get stuck and are unable to connect points with a single click because the game will provide you with helpful hints to help you progress through the levels without difficulty.


Game features


An enjoyable single-button game is 1LINE. The puzzles you have to solve in the game are represented by a board full of colored dots. All you have to do is connect the dots with a line, and the drawing has to make sense. 1Line is not only a challenging mind game but also a simple way to exercise your brain every day. The rules of the game are simple, just try to connect all the dots with one touch. 1LINE will demonstrate your inventiveness to a remarkable degree. You can complete the game quickly thanks to the on-screen prompt system’s strong support.

Everyone’s intelligence can be measured in this way, and you’ll have the opportunity to improve your reasoning skills and take advantage of all the benefits that come with the free Experience Pack reward enjoyment.

Various challenges containing geometric types

A connected space, intelligence level gained, and level calculator will make up 1LINE’s leaderboard. Competitors of all ages will be able to sharpen their observation and decision-making abilities when they play. You have to approach problems with optimism and put in a lot of effort when faced with a board full of scattered points. To connect the dots on the board in a straight line, you can use your mouse pointer or pen to move over the surface of the device.


Complete daily tasks

Related tasks will be sent to 1LINE’s mailbox by the system. To make sure you don’t miss any interesting details about today’s game, you should check your mailbox every day. Every day, tasks are refreshed by the system. Each task has an ample reward for excellence, of course. Is it possible for you to outperform everyone and maintain your top ranking? As soon as you accept the offer and begin playing, you’ll know.

Difficulty increase

1LINE raised the difficulty after an increasing number of similar games surfaced to give players a better gaming experience. In addition to allowing players to see their scores and completed levels, the game offers a large drawing area. Throughout the game, the player can find various hints, and it is easy to see which key points are missed in nearby points. The game will launch after the video concludes, with the prompt predicting the puzzle’s solution.

Unlock more gameplay

With only one stroke, 1LINE enables you to create drawings by joining dots on the chessboard. Unlocking additional content requires reaching a certain level. Later on in the game, you can advance your experience by solving challenging puzzles during special rounds. Players will eventually move up the leaderboard and gain additional rewards as their levels accumulate.


Download 1LINE for Android

Play the puzzle game to experience a more pleasant and cozy feeling and only a select few can solve every puzzle in the game. Play the game by downloading it to experience the unique painting content! To keep your mind agile and your brain active, set aside ten minutes a day to play this game.

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