1979 Revolution Black Friday

1979 Revolution Black Friday V1.2.7 MOD APK (Full Game)

Name 1979 Revolution Black Friday
Publisher iNK Stories
Genre Action
Size 2G
Version V1.2.7
MOD Info Full Game
Updated November 28, 2023
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Application introduction

1979 Revolution Black Friday is an action video Game published by iNK Stories. The game features a gripping story and blends aspects of documentaries and video games, having been developed over four years. To create the game, the development team interviewed historians and Iranians who were living in Tehran during the revolution. Since its release, 1979 Revolution Black Friday has garnered a lot of positive reviews from reviewers, particularly for its story, cast of characters, acting, and historical accuracy.

Introduce about 1979 Revolution Black Friday

1979 Revolution Black Friday based on real-life experiences and historical occurrences. As you return home as a photographer, you will discover that the people are organizing an opposition rally for the current King Shah. You find yourself in a perilous scenario of social unrest and revolution shortly after receiving your camera. The choices you make will directly affect how revolutionary your experience is.

1979 Revolution Black Friday

Game features


A narrative video game with adventure elements is called 1979 Revolution Black Friday. In addition to a striking crowd, players can interact with a homeless mother and her infant. Players are frequently instructed to take pictures of specific individuals or occasions using Reza’s camera during the interaction. A menu comparing game photos with authentic images captured by photographer Michel Setboun will show up on the screen. Players sometimes have a short window of time to select an answer, which frequently prompts them to make important choices that have an impact on the plot. The player’s game resumes from before the quick event if they are unable to finish the task in the allotted time frame as directed by the prompt.

1979 Revolution Black Friday

Exciting plot

As a budding photojournalist, Reza Shirazi is ambushed by the police in his hideout at the start of the game in 1980. He is taken to Evin Prison, where Asadollah Lajevardi questions him.

Reza would decide whether or not to work with Assadora. Reza Shirazi, an Iranian student who recently returned from Germany, will be the player in the game. Reza regrets to find that upon her return, war will break out again in her hometown, and she unwittingly gets caught up in a tumultuous civil war and a violent revolution. It’s 1979, and with your help, Reza can overcome the dark events in her life using a camera and her keen reasoning skills.

Closely linked branching events

The 1979 Revolution Black Friday layout is almost flawless, and each branching event in the game has a tight connection to every other branching event. The Iranian revolution’s background won’t alter, but Reza’s actions and words will determine how events, people, situations, and outcomes pan out. The game gains weight and realism with each decision you make. From start to finish, a player’s choices and interactions determine how the other person responds, including feelings of love, rage, and joy. One could argue that the game is distinct due to its unusual layout combination. The game is much more fun to play because of both the story and the play style.

Graphics and sound

The 1979 Revolution Black Friday features a realistic style of animation that players will not find in other games with such unique elements of cinematic art. The setting and character styles are beautifully presented, adding depth to the game’s dreary war theme. The game’s sound effects are also very good. The majority of the game’s dialogue is dubbed, and there are melancholy sound effects throughout to make the player feel more immersed.

1979 Revolution Black Friday

Download 1979 Revolution Black Friday for Android

A great visual novel game is the 1979 Revolution Black Friday. Along with a complex and sinister plot, this game will offer you a previously unheard-of window into human nature. Try the game by downloading it now; even though it hasn’t been out for a while, hundreds of thousands of people have downloaded it!

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