112 Operator

112 Operator V1.6.5 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Name 112 Operator
Publisher Games Operators S.A.
Genre Simulation
Size 576.71 MB
Version V1.6.5
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Updated November 24, 2023
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Application introduction

112 Operator is a simulation game published by Games Operators S.A., which has been loved by many players since its launch. Players can experience the daily struggles of a lifeguard by adopting the role of one in the 112 Operator Mod. Make use of your abilities to assist the victim in an emergency.

Introduce about 112 Operator

Play the thrilling simulation game 112 Operator to get a feel for what a rescue operator does on a daily basis. The lives of the citizens of the city are in your hands, so you’ll need to act fast to complete dozens of challenging tasks. Throughout the day, there are many phone calls from people asking for help, so you must always pay attention and provide appropriate help in a timely manner.

112 Operator

Game features


In 112 Operator, you will have the opportunity to become a 112 hotline employee, where someone needs to be on duty 24 hours a day. The game requires patience and the ability to deal with emergencies. Players need to wait patiently when there is no emergency, and no one can leave their post in the middle. You are assigned to work at a headquarters in the city, and your daily tasks are simple but challenging, to meet all the needs of the people, or to provide the necessary solutions for certain situations.

On the home screen, there is a map of the entire city so you can locate people in distress fast. You can use the main screen to pinpoint the precise location of someone in need, alert the rescue squad, and request that people leave the area right away. Additionally, take into account the traffic and weather, and make an effort to select the quickest route. People might be in danger if the rescue team is running late, so make sure you have a solid plan and have everything under control.

112 Operator

Developing the most reasonable solutions

As a member of an urban rescue team, you should be prepared for a wide range of scenarios, from easy to difficult. On the other hand, you have to be ready to address any issue as soon as it arises. Sometimes there are a lot of emergency situations, the victim will call directly to provide information, you have to listen carefully, and according to the information you hear a timely response. Of course, be wary of fake situations that intentionally trick people, and you have the option to accept or reject phony situations when you come across them.

In general, you’ll discover that a good number of mishaps, including bank robberies, fires, and accidents, occur every day all across the world. These scenarios recur in Operator 112, and your task is to devise the most rational resolution.

Equipped with essential equipment and tools

You can get stores to get some essential AIDS, like fire extinguishers, vehicles, and first aid supplies, so that you can get to work quickly. Furthermore, the presence of police forces is crucial because situations like fires, apprehending dangerous offenders, and robberies call for additional officers. You may unlock law enforcement and coordinate them in an emergency once you’ve finished the mission.

Transportation and police are also very important since they control how quickly work is completed and how long it takes to get somewhere. You can utilize a variety of vehicles in the game, including cars, fire engines, ambulances, and even helicopters. However, you must be able to choose the right type of car for each situation, as the victim may lose his life because of your wrong arrangement.

Simulates realistic real world

112 Operator offers a fairly realistic world simulation for you to enjoy, further enhancing the gaming experience. While emergencies always occur by default, weather-related disasters and other unforeseen circumstances can occur at any time. As the weather could get worse while rescue personnel are en route to the scene, it is impossible to predict the exact circumstances. The biggest challenge for players will likely be the weather, as it will impede movement and create traffic jams. In addition, the game can accurately simulate the conditions associated with the fire, such as how the fire will spread over time.

112 Operator

Download 112 Operator for Android

112 Operator surprises players when they first start playing the game and contribute to the drama among players.

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