101 Okey

101 Okey V1.60.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Name 101 Okey
Publisher Ahoy Games
Genre Board
Size 72M
Version V1.60.0
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Updated November 24, 2023
Download (72M)

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Application introduction

101 Okey is a board game published by Ahoy Games. The 101 Okey takes players into a numbers game where they can try to combine different numbers. The number of game levels can be expanded from 4 to 8, this game can not only bring unlimited fun to the player but also exercise the player’s logical thinking ability.

Introduce about 101 Okey

In the board game 101 Okey, the player’s objective is to figure out the appropriate combinations for the vibrant numbers with varying values. In the game, players can hit consecutive numbers and discover a variety of combinations. For the combination to be completed, each player must simultaneously add new numbers in the appropriate spots. The number of people can rise from four to eight during combat.

101 Okey

Game features


You will encounter a unique and popular board game when you enter the 101 Okey game, which is centered around numbers in various colors. Of course, there are differences between this game and the well-known board game Uno. The gameplay is easy to learn and enjoyable, and there are a lot of other players in the game. You are free to find your opponents and form a room of four with them. Anybody can finish the level by gathering as many lovely numbers as they can. The entire game screen will require players to use their logical reasoning and puzzle-solving skills at the same time.

Four player positions are visible as soon as you join the game. There will be two rows of space for you to arrange colored numerical cards in your place. With a swipe, the player can reposition these numbers to any desired location. To draw more cards and use unplayed cards, you can also comprehend the features of each position at the same time. After that, a compelling and exciting match will take place.

101 Okey

Create a number combination

To make a variety of combinations, players in 101 Okey will attempt to gather numbers of various colors. In this game, a set of the same number but different colors is the most common set of allowed combinations. Furthermore, you have the option to gather a series of numbers that increase in value; however, the combination must have the same color. Thus, in certain situations, you will select the appropriate combination to utilize every number you possess. To make different combinations out of the numbers they have is the simple objective shared by all players.

Also, since numbers in the game are added and removed regularly, you don’t have to worry about not having numbers that are unrelated to each other during the game. If you wish to hit a specific number, you will specifically need to draw a number as a necessary condition; the square to the player’s right is where you should remove the extra number.

Sometimes the chance to win is accidental

Opponents who are close to you will often interact with you in interesting ways, and sometimes the winning combinations of opponents will depend on certain numbers that you don’t need. In other words, every number drawn on the block can be drawn by the player who follows; However, they are not allowed to draw more numbers in that round. Furthermore, players can only draw numbers from the player to their left. In certain cases, it can be more advantageous to draw a number from an opponent rather than a random number from a draw.

All kinds of interesting opponents

Participating in various levels and meeting proficient players will be part of 101 Okey. Sometimes, the game makes it so difficult that the player doesn’t drop any matching numbers, so you can also change the amount you bet before entering a certain level. When players win, they can take home a sizable sum of money, which keeps them inspired to play through more levels. You can also choose to increase the number of players if you’d like.

101 Okey

Download 101 Okey for Android

This game’s default player count is four, but it can be raised to eight for added challenge. Naturally, there will be more opportunities for everyone to win and longer games than usual. To provide players with entertainment at any time and from any location, the game also allows them to play offline. You should not miss this game.

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