100 DAYS – Zombie Survival

100 DAYS – Zombie Survival V3.2.0 MOD APK (Survival Mode, Unlimited Diamonds)

Name 100 DAYS – Zombie Survival
Publisher Preus
Genre Simulation
Size 72M
Version V3.2.0
MOD Info Survival Mode, Unlimited Diamonds
Updated November 23, 2023
Download (72M)

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Application introduction

100 DAYS – Zombie Survival is a simulation game published by Preus, you will enter the game to start a journey of survival in the world of zombies. Try to survive for 100 days and use all of your resources to improve your teammates.

Introduce about 100 DAYS – Zombie Survival

In the post-apocalyptic world of 100 DAYS – Zombie Survival, zombies seek the last remaining survivors. You will face a variety of challenges on different days, discover new game modes in the game, and provide a completely different gameplay experience. In addition, you can enhance the abilities of the main character and his Allies, and unlock new abilities and auxiliary items.

100 DAYS - Zombie Survival

Game features


Players will enter a post-apocalyptic world in 100 DAYS – Zombie Survival, where zombies are constantly searching for Peter, one of the last survivors. Peter defends his base from the zombies that try to attack him every day with a variety of auxiliary tools and weaponry. Also, you won’t be venturing alone, as other survivors will be by your side. You can team up with them to take out strong enemies that occasionally reappear.

The objective of the game is to always have a strong defense, much like in tower defense games. The first character to appear is Peter, who will attack the enemy repeatedly on different days. Simultaneously, your task is very simple. You will strengthen your character as powerful monsters will appear and you will have 100 days to survive.

100 DAYS - Zombie Survival

Two wonderful game modes

In 100 DAYS – Zombie Survival, there are two primary game modes: Normal and Survival. Although they will take different approaches, the two characters share the same character system. You must finish the level with 100 days of survival in Normal because Survival mode will open concurrently with Normal. You must finish the level with 100 days of survival in Normal because Survival mode will open concurrently with Normal. At the same time, you can make the main character more powerful by upgrading.

After playing Normal Mode, you can experience more fun points in Survival Mode. That is to say, the characters you unlock are no longer standing with Peter at all times, but need to be constantly summoned by you with as much money as possible. The intimidating quantity of zombies will be discouraged by these summoned figures. Your attention should always be on the character call, and there are many auxiliary factors in the game to buy you time, so you must grasp it. Of course, you have to remember that when you have enough resources to summon follow-up troops, you must seize the moment to summon them.

Upgrade mechanism

After leveling up in 100 DAYS – Zombie Survival, you will receive a new energy source through the upgrade mechanism, which is split into two advantageous components. You will acquire Peter’s power, which is crucial since it will enable you to access a ton of new mechanics. For example, you can use it to recruit characters by opening mines or fortifying the base to several stories. In addition, a number of character lists will assist you in accomplishing a variety of tasks. Like Peter, they must level up to increase their attack power in order to build a powerful army and hinder zombie approaches. When they assist you in stopping enemies in Survival mode, their strength is also displayed.

100 DAYS - Zombie Survival

Download 100 DAYS – Zombie Survival

The player’s experience of surviving zombies in this game leaves a lasting impression on them. In an apocalyptic world, Peter will use his weapons to thwart the zombies’ advances since they are constantly attempting to breach his base. Download the game to experience its diverse upgrade system!

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